is the Fighter Class a supercherie ?

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  here's the topic: your character is composed of body points, which are taken off when you suffer critical hits, and you have not much of body points; you can improve your total by proving yourself a true sports champion.

you can use a substitute of body points called hit points whenever you enter combat mode. you can enter combat mode volontarily. combat mode is a strenuous activity, so you cannot normally always stay in combat mode. your AC raises in combat mode, and you gain feats derived from the fighter class as well.

BUT a character taken by surprise under non-combat mode has no defense like those given by combat mode and can be easily defeated. so how can we define combat mode?

it is viewed as a concentrative ability, based on sharpened senses, with a limited duration in rounds like a haste spell (or perhaps constitution rounds), and usable your level times per day, so you won't necessarily enter combat mode in each and every fight; sometimes you let the friends take up the fight.

my main reflexion with the idea of combat mode as a simple spell which empowers you (temporarily) to the class of Fighter is to permit spells of combat for the magician; if we could "recreate" the fighter class under a spell class, that would let us simplify the system enormously!

I feel like there have been better ones ("better") in the 4e homebrew forums over the years.

To quote a post from one of those threads:
Whether intentional or not, the OP is an honest-to-goodness, Lord of Madness ;). Just for kicks, I've saved this (and a few of the OP's other) threads as text files. Should our games ever take us to the Far Realms, they'll be great inspiration. For that, I owe thanks.

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As I read it, the OP is talking about making a spell that will give fighter stats to non- combat classes like wizards. Which I don't think is a very good idea from a balance perpective.

BADCHIP is an... odd... choice of ability scores that bears no resemblance to D&D, measured on a 10-point scale that also bears no resemblance to D&D. It comes with a handful of very shaky analogies that don't clarify anything, made to a group of skills loosely based on 4th Edition. While it could work in a game, it's incomplete as presented.

WISE/WIME is another set of ability scores that also bears no resemblance to anything in D&D, but at least it kind of makes sense. While it could work in a game, it's incomplete as presented.

The skill system is a set of 15 skills that follow a sort of mathematical symmetry, but don't make any sense.

The multiclass system is horribly complicated way of saying "players get six ability scores". I have no idea how multiclassing fits in to this, except as another group of shaky and confusing analogies.

The current thread kind of describes a system of combat, but it's nothing like D&D. Once again, it could work in a game, but it's incomplete as presented.

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Did that come out sounding adversarial? I'm terribly sorry; I meant it constructively. Please allow me to rephrase that better.

Many of these ideas could work in a game, but they are incomplete, and the game based on them would not resemble D&D in the slightest. That does not make them bad. I believe the original poster should complete these ideas, and compile them into a full game.

Many of the analogies are confusing. When the original poster does write a game, I request that the analogies be clarified, as what confuses me will probably confuse other potential players.

Again, I apologize for my tone.
OP, is English your first language?
nay, I'm a little frenchie ( so sorry if you have to use archeological translation - lol -  )