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How do you win with a couter deck?

As I see it, harass with cards like Delver of Secrets and Guttersnipe.

Support  them with cards like Cancel and Counterspell.

I was thinking of having some support cards like  Brainstorm and Preordain.

I should make sure I have early counters like Mana Leak and Syncopate.

For finishers I was thinking of Omniscience and Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur.
I was thinking of Feldon's Cane, so I don't mill myself.

All of my creatures will have something to do with Instants/Sorceries. 

I am going to build a mono-blue counter deck and wasn't sure how to do it.
Any help would be appreciated, thank you for reading! 
The way delver tended to win was by Controlling the enemy deck long enough for your delver to deal the damage, you need a kill condition. If you really want to go for a blue delver deck, Snapcaster mage is almost a must. However those decks got pretty much hosed into nothingness from cards like ash zealot and rest in peace . Nowadays I would personally go for an azorius, and use the white creatures as a kill/control aspect of it. Also, as blue you need to have a plan for how to get your finishers out there. Every single mana gets gradually harder to get, although a lot of card draw helps. Also, you need to make sure you can defend those win conditions when you play them. Say you tap 10 mana to cast a spell, the enemy pulls out a terminate or naturalize, and there goes your chance at winning, and the alternative is to get to 11 mana before casting it (dispel) which again, means relying on the game lasting into at least turn 11, if you hit every single land drop. So another thing I would look into is getting some cheaper creatures as win conditions, or alternate win conditions, such as milling your enemy to death.

@Shendran: They also got hosed by Cavern of Souls. Your opponent really has to get one threat down to beat you. You still have tempo plays, but I accidentally a beast token and 5 life every time you do that.
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The secret of mono-blue control is that you need lots and lots of lands. You might want to go as high as 26-28 lands in a 60-card deck. Your goal is to get mana advantage by hitting all your land drops, while stopping their threats and keeping your hand full. Don't use any mana acceleration though; speed isn't your priority here.

Once you have enough mana, you'll be able to use counterspells and draw cards more efficiently than the opponent can deploy threats, and your opponent will be done for.