A Grixis Cube

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I have having a lot of fun building around a pair of Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker and as I add more cards to the selection I have I have ended up with a small Grixis cube. I am going midrange on this one and following the color balance of the build-around card by aiming for twice as many black cards as I have blue and red cards. Grixis is a lot of fun because blue gives me card draw, red gives me direct damage to opponent and black gives me great hate cards like Bump in the Night, which has a nice red flavor Flashback ability. I made a bunch of YouTube videos for these.

I threw in the Rakdos and Izzet theme decks from RTR, and I am even keeping the cards in these two decks that look like they are not extremely playable (aka jank).

This link should do it (my channel), and all of these videos have Grixis in the title:


Please let me know how I can improve these videos-and I hope the answer is not "stop making them"!

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