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Hey all, I had an idea for a point system for encoutner powers that I'd like to get your input on.

Why Bother?

It's always bugged me that encounter powers could only be used once per encounter. Consider a fighter. At level one, he has a special trick in a 5 round combat, what is it that is stopping him from using that move again?  Is he too tired to do anything but the basics?  Did he forget how to do it?  It just doesn't feel right.

Then, at level 7 he has three different encounters. Let's say he opens the fight with Hack and Hew...why can't he use it next round?  Is he too tired to do anything but the basics?  Clearly not because he has two more encounters he can use. Did he forget the first one he used?  Just doesn't feel right.

That got me to thinking that it would be cool if you could at 7th level start each fight with the ability to use three encounters. You could use the same one three times or mix and match. But then I realized that doesn't fix all of the problems. At level one, you still have the issue. And at level 7, you still have the issue after a few rounds have gone by, though it would be easier to explain that you are tired.

My Proposal

You start each encounter with a pool of encounter (stamina, energy, specialty, whatever) points. These point can be spent to use encounter powers. Once you reach zero points, your character begins regaining them slowly each round. Maybe you don't regain any while bloodied to show the effect of growing weary.

Each encounter power could cost 2 points to use.  You start a fight with 2 points at level 1, 4 points at level 3, 6 at 7.

Then, once you have reached zero, you gain one point at the start of each of your turns for the rest of the encounter. This represents that you have spent most of your stamina for the fight and can now only occasionally muster the strength for fancier attacks.

I think utility powers would need a separate system.

Paragon Teir and Epic Teir could follow this patter or might need a more advanced progression.  Maybe paragon powers require more points and epic even more.  

So maybe... Heroic Powers cost 2 points, paragon cost 3, and epic cost 4 and...

Level               Encounter Powers Known              Max Points                   Points Regained after 0

1-2                                      1                                         2                                            1

 3-6                                      2                                         4                                            1

7-10                                     3                                         6                                            1

11-12                                   4                                         9                                            1

13-16                                   4                                        10                                           1

17-22                                   4                                        11                                           2

23-26                                   4                                        13                                           2

27-30                                   4                                        14                                           3 

What do you think?  Would being able to use the same power three times back to back be unbalanced?  How would you change this to make it easier/morebalanced/more fun/etc?

I use a recharge system in my games. Enconter attack powers can be recharged once much like monster recharge powers with either a d6 roll, or when the PC is first bloodied during an encounter. Worked well so far.
I had thought about something the like for mu coming campaign.

But more like "Mastery" Points.

Starting lvl 3 or 5, at each uneven LvLs, you gain 1 Mastery Point, you can assign a MP to an encounter or daily power.

Once you assign a MP to an Encounter Power, you can use it one more time during an encounter.

If you want to be able to use a Third time an Encounter power, you then must invest 2 MP, you can't upgrade an Encounter power more then 2 times.

Its not limited to Attacks powers.

For Dailies, being a more powerfull and resources demanding Powers, you Need 2 MP to upgrade it to rank 2, and 3 MP to rank 3.

Also you can upgrade items to be Master crafted, for 1/2 the cost of the item, you can upgrade it, and gain a recharge of 4+on encounters and daily's on Common Items, for 2/3 the item value you get a recharge on a 5+ on Uncommon items, and for +100% the value, you can get a Rare item to recharge on a 6.
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