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So me and my D&D group's DM has become a bit starved of time and we're looking for some fun 'canned' campaigns to run that wouldnt require too much prior planning, but we're also looking for one thats no generic. I was wondering if there is a good 4e "Caslte Greyhawk" type campaign. I know Greyhawk has been discontinued, but I really like the satrical overtone the campaign has.

Pick a series you like and go ahead.  The downloads are free and there are a lot of modules up.  I would personally run some of the more recent modules, but all of them can be used with a little tweaking.

Have fun. 
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Most of the free ones found from Dragon magazine are good. I especially like: The Last Breaths of Ashenport 

it can be found here:

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Thanks for all the help guys! Im dying to try out that Ashenport module.
Ashenport is fun and has great story and flavor, but it is an older adventure with weaksauce boring monsters. If you're looking to add a little more challenge to the combats give all monsters a 1/2 level increase to damage and give brutes +2 to hit. That will put them roughly in line with the current monster damage levels.

If you're looking for a slightly longer adventure, my two favorites for 4e are "Thunderspire Labyrinth" and "Madness at Gardmore Abbey". Both have sandbox style play, interesting plots and NPC's and very cool locations to explore. GA is generally considered to be the best 4e adventure released to date.
Watch out for Ashenport. As Style said above, you'll need a little experience with the system to update this (excellent) adventure to make the monsters fun to fight. Thunderspire needs some work too.

A good sequence is: The Slaying Stone (HS1) (lvl 1) -> Reavers of Harkenwold (DM's Kit) (lvls 2-4) -> Cairn of the Winter King (Monster Vault) (lvl 4) -> Orcs of Stonefang Pass (HS2) (lvl 5)-> Madness at Gardmore Abbey (lvls 6-8). These modules are considered to be among the best published by WotC. Madness in particular is very good. Several of these adventures (Slaying Stone, Reavers, and Madness) are not generic D&D dungeon crawls, and all of them are modern and can be run as they are successfully. 
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