Mobile app suggestion

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I am unsure if this would be implemented, perhaps with a subscription down the line. Maybe with the next edition. But a character builder app for ipods and androids/tablets. That way with internet connections, we could build our characters on the go, or during a break in a session with limited computer use. Plus it saves on a lot of ink if you wish to make any changes.

A zoom  in/zoom out feature would be useful and a handy spell lookup for learning dms and players. I know that at times those spell descriptions are large enough that you need a magnifying glass to read it.

I haven't actually tried to see if the online one works on my ipod, but it would definitly be one of those things that would integrate todays technology into this. As many of us do enjoy building tons of characters. Think when I go into it, I build like five different ones and then decide on what I want to play. But at times, bringing my laptop over and needing internet connection to use it since no printer does have a downside. 

Would we ever see integration like this  one day?  A full power mobil app.