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In the DMG, p126-129, the expected treasure value per level is listed, eg

Lvl 1 = 720, Lvl 2 = 1040, Llv 3 = 1355, etc

Can one of the math geniuses out here give me the calculation formula for this?

Or alternatively for the table in the PHB, p223. 

Thanks in advance

Well, it various based on party size.  Let's base it on standard treasure parcels, 5 member party:

Over the course of the level, you should get: level +1, +2, +3, and +4 items, and 2x level gold.

The problem is that values vary based on tier.  The "base price," as it were, for a level 0 item, is 200 gold.  For levels 1-5, it goes up by 160 per level, 6-10 by 800 per level (i.e. 5*160), level 11-15 by 4000 per level (5*800), 16-20 by 20,000 per level, 21-25 by 100k per level and 26-30 by 500k per level.  This would be fairly easy to lay out in a table, but I can't think of an easy way to do it with a straight formula.  Lay it out with all of the levels, then, for each level, add 2x the same level and 1x each of the next 4 levels.  Level 1 would be 360+360+520+680+840+1000, for example, level 2 would be 520+520+680+840+1000+1800.

Ok thanks. What I want to do is to include "Extracting" things from fallen enemies with the knowledge skills (eg. Arcana: extract Essences from elemental, fey, shadow; or Religion: extract Essences from immortals and undead) which can be used as material components for enchanting.

I need to find a formula for the value of the Essences and this must be in line with what they normaly get at their level.

Skill * Level would be an idea but it doesn't scale like the treasure does. 

There is a formula. It is semi-geometric. It is something like 2*level-1  - level-2 or somesuch. I remember working it out a while back, but I don't recall what I did with the spreadsheet where I had all that stuff. I'm sure someone around here remembers. The XP charts also work the same way (both the level one and the encounter award one). I think the treasure progression may actually have a couple of discontinuities in it though the more I think about it, one in each of paragon and epic tier (around level 16 IIRC).
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