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Were can I find pictures of what equipment,weapons,and everything looks like?

   If you're looking for "official" pics of D&D equipment, there's images of the different armor types and weapons in the Player's Handbook in the equipment section, as well as the Adventurer's Vault book and several of the campaign settings that introduced specific gear, such as the gouge, a weapon that first showed up in the Dark Sun campaign setting...
  However, unless you're completely unfamiliar with historical weapons and armor, this question is sort of a moot point since your sword looks like a sword and your armor looks like armor - the specific details and description are left up to your character. What the game calls a bastard sword could look like a Japanese katana, a Scottish claymore or an Aztec warclub with sharp chunks of obsidian set in it. Most of the stuff on the lists of mundane gear are pretty self-explanatory.

 Your DM may have further information on different styles or materials common to his specific campaign world. i.e, the Dark Sun campaign setting is a post-apocalyptic desert world where metal is in short supply so most weapons are made of bone or stone...



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Depends what you are looking for.
1st Ed Oriental Adventures had a great section for all the martial arts weapons.
2nd Ed Fighter's Handbook covered most armor and weapons.
4th Ed usually has something near where the item is described--an advantage of books over character builder.
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