Unhinged: Sticking creatures together, temporarily copying S.N.O.T.

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[It seems that there used to be an Unglued/Unhinged forum for Un-rules questions, but it no longer exists? In which case this seems to be the best place for this question...)


Suppose I have a creature on the battlefield that's temporarily an S.N.O.T., perhaps due to Cytoshape. And another creature enters the battlefield that's temporarily an S.N.O.T., perhaps because it's Volrath's Shapeshifter. I can therefore stick the new one together with the existing one, and for as long as both copy effects* last, they'll be a 4/4 S.N.O.T.

What happens after the effects run out? Is this a way to achieve what The Mimeoplasm didn't, getting the abilities of two different creature cards combined onto one creature?

The big problem is of course characteristic-defining abilities. When one of the components stops being an S.N.O.T. and becomes, say, a Maro, it's bad enough. If the other component then becomes a Nightmare, then the combined Maro-Nightmare is, well, accurately named. Is there any sensible answer to this? Could something as simple as timestamps work? Sorceress Queen can override Turn to Frog, after all...

But supposing there are sensible answers to that: does this even enable anything particularly fun or interesting? You can get a Lightning Crafter with Goblin Sharpshooter's triggered ability, but you can get that with Thornbite Staff already. The "linked abilities" rules mean you can't do any of the really crazy things like exile stuff with Arc-Slogger then drop it onto the battlefield with an animated Synod Sanctum. So does this even enable anything?

(The motivation for the question is that I'm building a Mirrorweave deck, and building an S. N. O. T. deck, and wondering whether to make the two of them in fact the same deck or not.)

[*]: Yes, I know Volrath's Shapeshifter doesn't technically have a copy effect. The difference isn't really relevant though, and the extra words to say "copy effect or text-changing effect" seemed like they'd distract. In a way that clearly this footnote isn't distracting...
We handle rules questions for actual cards using the actual rulebook. What is this "unhinged" you speak of?

Your best bet is to email Mark Rosewater, he's the Un-official (get it?) un-rules guy. 

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Please autocard: [c]Shard Phoenix[/c] = Shard Phoenix.

I did ask on his Tumblr, but he didn't answer. It's a tough question to find someone to answer because it does kinda want an understanding of CDAs and layers as well as a willingness to deal with silver-bordered oddities.

You're overthinking it. It's Unhinged, the rules just don't really apply here (we just pretend they do, where needed). MaRo said in the FAQTIWDAWCC:

Can I attach a S.N.O.T to a creature other than a S.N.O.T.?

Ooh, gross. Uh, no.

Just assume, as they aren't SNOTs, they can't stay sticked together. Carry on.

I'd stay they stick together, cos they stick together and there weren't any effects stopping that, so they are indeed one creature.

Now, none have the power/toughness setting effect, so it's not set and only printed p/t prevails but which creature card's ?

You're allowed to stick a snot to a snot that's stick to a snot, not necessarily the first that came into play, that's the issue.

What is sure is that the sticked creature cards are one creature only but the P/T is... well, ever heard of Schrodinger's Cat ?

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The Basic rulebook, read it! A lot of basic questions are answered there!

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Congratulations, alextfish, MaRo answered your question. Except he didn't know either. Oh well.
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