Anything that lets a druid in wildshape speak? My player can't shut the hell up.

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I'm looking for a magical item that he can purchase that allows him to speak in wildshape.

Even if its a custom item. He remains in lion form constantly, but can't remember to shut the hell up and speaks. I don't want to penalize him or keep telling him to be quiet.

We're laid back. But I told him he's going to have to buy an item or have it made because he keeps yapping.

Any help is appreciated.

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Why not just let him talk?  Hardly seems a rule worth using anyway.
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Give him/make him wear/stipulate that this is why he can't shut the frack up:  (but also DM the consequences too, that the druid nor his party ever surprise/sneak up on ANYTHING. Penalty for lack of role-playing):

Medallion of Thought Projection

This device seems like a medallion of thoughts, even down to the range at which it functions, except that the thoughts overheard are muffled and distorted, requiring a DC 15 Will save to sort out. However, while the user thinks she is picking up the thoughts of others, all she is really hearing are figments created by the medallion itself. These illusory thoughts always seem plausible and thus can seriously mislead any who rely upon them. What’s worse, unknown to her, the cursed medallion actually broadcasts her thoughts to creatures in the path of the beam, thus alerting them to her presence.

Faint divination; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Itemdetect thoughtsghost sound; Price 1,800 gp.

Does he have the natural spell feat (or whatever it's called) that allows him to cast spell while wildshaped?  If he can speak clearly enough to cast spells he can probably speak clearly enough to be understood.
Naw Steve, without even looking it up, wherever it's at, that wording goes something like, "the spell's verbal components are replaced with animal snarls or growls, the druid still cannot speak".  I'm sure somebody will be more ambitious and look it up.
I'm surprised you didn't, Neue; it's in the PHB.
Why not just give him a customized amulet of Speak With Animals or Tongues that would let an animal speak humanoid languages? Just make it limited to languages the "animal" knows, or at least understands. That last limitation would, iirc, allow a cooshie (Races of the Wild) speak Elven, for example.
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Technically, a pearl of speech (Magic Item Compendium, page 118) grants you the ability to speak and understand a specific language, while a crystal mask of languages provides the same effect for five specific languages (it's more costly overall, but slightly cheaper per language).

I'm not sure that granting speech to unusual physical forms is what they had in mind when the item was designed, but there are far weirder creatures than regular animals that seem to speak without difficulty, and the druid's normal speech limitation in wild shape is stated as being because "she is limited to the sounds that a normal, untrained animal can make", so it's not a purely physical limitation in the first place.

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the master of many form PC or the items in the MIC that Slagger_the_Chuul mentioned
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There is the Speak With Animals spell, and while that spell is Self only, there is no reason that you can't use it several ways:

-Give a Speak With Animals item to each of the players in the group, as a level 1 spell it would be relatively cheap to make a Ring of Animal Speach like this. This is the simplist and is already able within the rules to make, so I would suggest this route before any of my other sugestions below.
- Research a new spell, using the DMG rules for reasearchign new spells, that does the opposite, Give Speach, cast on any creature that can't otherwise speak allows them to speak in a language they know. The Druid could then cast it on himself, or else have an item with it on. Make the spell whatever spell level you feel appropriate, but I would probably make it Level 2 at the most.

-Have a Polymorph item made up that Polymorphs any creature's mouth enough to be capable of speach. Humans can speach for the same reason that we can choke to death while eating, so this spell would simply polymorph the interior of the mouth to allow speach. He could wear it as a Ring of Speach Capability. While not directly in the rules, it is a reasonable usage of the spell.
I second just letting him talk. Maybe if you really want, ask him to restrict it to just narrations of what he is doing. "I motion like I want you to go over there and flank" in combat for example. 

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If as a druid he is going to specialize in shapeshifting, the PrC Master of Many Forms in the Complete Adventurer gains the ability to speak while in wild shape, and no magic item is required. 
Tell him to learn how to roleplay first. Advice him some sources where he can get the idea "You must act as if you're your character."

Because it is the fact and why should you waste your time for him if he can't use some brains for you?
If as a druid he is going to specialize in shapeshifting, the PrC Master of Many Forms in the Complete Adventurer gains the ability to speak while in wild shape, and no magic item is required. 

Yes the master of many form gain the ability of speak in any of her forms and each level you gain an extra wild shape per day.

the bad point of this class is that you don't gain the spells and you don't improved your animal companion then try to use some variant that change your animal companion for other thing and try to serch some monster to let you use the alterform ability in a type of creature that your PC dont contemplates and use the spellEnhance wild Shape from the Spell Compendium.

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Why not just let him talk?  Hardly seems a rule worth using anyway.

Unless you want to penalize hime (make hime get and item or a spell) just do like salla says.  You say you are laid back just let it slide.

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