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I have some Vampire creatures and would like to build a deck around it, consisting of only Vampire creatures.

These are the current Vampires I have:

[CARD]Falkenrath Noble[/CARD]
[CARD]Stromkirk Captain[/CARD]
[CARD]Falkenrath Exterminator[/CARD]
[CARD]Crossway Vampire[/CARD]
[CARD]Markov Patrician[/CARD]
[CARD]Rakish Heir[/CARD]
[CARD]Vampiric Fury[/CARD]
[CARD]Vampire Interlooper[/CARD] 
1 [CARD]Vampire of the Dead[/CARD] 
[CARD]Vampire Nighthawk[/CARD]
[CARD]Bloodcrazed Neonate[/CARD]
1 [CARD]Heirs of Stromkirk[/CARD] 

also, a friend said he was going to give me a [CARD]BloodLine Keeper[/CARD] which is pretty good.
I also have some black and red spells, instants, sorcery, etc. I just didn't know which to include in this deck and didn't want to put some random ones in.

any ideas on how to build a deck around this? 

thanks in advance for any help. 
Search the forum there are milions of vampire threads around to get some ideas
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