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So i been wanting to get a black green zombie token style ramp deck going something that will over run the oppnent as fast as i can i have some cards in me head atm and if i can get some ideas of how to make all this work it be sweet. So far this what im thinking

4x Grave Titan
4x Phyrexian Obliterator
4x Birds of Paradise
2x Asceticism
2-4x Diabolic Tutor
2x Unbreathing Horde
2x Endless Ranks of the Dead 

         This what i got so far not sure what else would fit in i was thinking about using Death Baron cuz i mean a bunch of zombie tokens now 3/3 and deathtouch sounds good to me anyway. i dont know if i need some more ramp mabey Wild Growth or Rampant Growth And im also wondering if there are any other beefy creatures or other zombie producers i can toss in here to up the creature count. Then probly tossing in Parallel Lives too
unless you exclusively run ramp capable of making black mana i wouldnt run obliterator...its a lot of ...unbreathing horde is decent if you have a lot of zombies in play from endless and useless if you dont - he needs a more zombie heavy deck here he's dead weight

there's a lot of great zombies, many new ones from return to ravnica

there's a lot of fatty zombies a few of which are good, ill point out noxious ghoul especially
id skip endless ranks here...youre already stretching a little thin when you decide to run ramp...putting in cards that work well with endless will just stretch it too thhin - this last remark depends on how casual your meta is cuz the more casual it is the stronger endleess gets: if sweeps and/or control is rare endless is an absolute powerhouse, if its common - or iff the agro decks tend to be really fast its too slow and eeasily handled.
If you are specifically looking to do zombie tokens, Moan of the Unhallowed is decent, made better with parallel lives and can flashback as well.

Death Baron is pretty expensive, if you have the budget then go for it. If not I feel Cemetery Reaper is a decent substitute. Still buffs, and can even help with token generation and removal from opponents graveyard if they like to bring stuff back.

Army of the Damned might be feasible if you have enough ramp. Green has plenty of ramp, if you are looking for some black ramp there is Llanowar Dead.

As for beefy creatures, obviously there are tons of beefy green creatures and black has its fair share, but if you are looking to stick strictly with the zombie theme then Grave Titan is your best bet.
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