Izzet Burn/Dragon Assault

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Augur of Bolas              x3
Goblin Electromancer    x4 
Guttersnipe                  x4
Hypersonic Dragon       x3
Thundermaw Hellkite   x1


Pillar of Flame         x4
Cyclonic Rift            x4
Essence Scatter     x4
Izzet Charm           x4
Mizzium Mortars     x4


Desolate Lighthouse  x2
Hellion Crucible          x2
Steam Vents              x4
Sulfur Falls                 x4
Izzet Guildgate          x3
Island                        x5
Mountain                   x5


Tormod's Crypt                 x4
Pithing Needle                  x2
Thunderbolt                      x3
Dissipate                           x4
Talrand, Sky Summoner    x2 

The main plan with the deck was to use the Guttersnipes and Dragons to kill your opponent, and the burn and counter to stop anything that would get in their way. I know there are some odd choices, but everything in here has a reason to be here, and i'll be happy to tell you why.  But please, give feedback and things you would change!
4 guttersnipes and 4 electromancers, but only 20 instants and sorceries? And no think twice? 4 maindeck essence scatter?

..."window.parent.tinyMCE.get('post_content').onLoad.dispatch();" contenteditable="true" />I...I dunno about this.
Why 4x mainboard mortars? Guildgates over Evolving Wilds or more basics? lands? Only 1 Hellkite, and 3 Hypersonics? Augur seems just durdly here, especially when you have a TON of 2-drops already. Definitely could survive with 2-3 Electromancers.
Standard Pauper! (play it on MTGO)
-3 Augur
-1 Sonic

-4 Charms
-2 Mortars

-2 lighthouse

+2 Hellkite

+2 Thunderous Wrath
+4 [C]Syncopate[/c]
+2 cancel

+1 mountain
+1 island
@PandamanX64 good point. and i personally don't like think twice, i think it's too much for a very meager affect. And the Essence Scatter is for Thragtusk, Geralf's and you know, every other problem creature. 

@Weisse i think mortar is underrated, it can kill almost any top-tier baddy for 2 mana or ALL of them for 6. Guildgates>Evolving Wilds becuase this deck doesn't need to be fast, so why not more dual lands? Noted. Only 1 hellkite just because i'm on a budget. 3 Hyper's because now Mortars & Pillar are suddenly instas. and again, good point

@p0p3l1n3ss Augurs, yeah Hyper, see above. Charm is so versatile it's almost a must. Mortars aren't as effective as a 2 of. Lighthouse, sure. Hellkite, i'm on a budget. Thunderous, i don't think is as good as most red removal in standard right now. Syncopate, yeah, but I HATE THE ART SOOOOO MUCH. Dissipate>Cancel.

thanks for the feedback guys, while i disagreed with some of it, you showed me this needs some workand i'm deciding best how to do that.  As you can most likely tell, i'm new to anything BUT casual, but i'm interested in getting into FMN and perhaps an Open or two
How has it been going for you so far? Do you find that your creatures survive long enough to be useful? Are the snipes worth it? How's the playstyle? I foud that when I tried to run a deck like this all I did after guttersnipe was out was play draw go and kill anything that came out. Before the gutter was out I was focused on getting him out and trying to get my mancers in for damage when I could but usually they'd end up chump blocking something.
Making mortars and pillars instant speed really isn't that big of a deal.  I'd run more thundermaws over hypersonics.  Also, I'd cut some islands for some mountains to more reliably overload mortars, you don't have any spells with multiple blue mana in the casting cost, so you'll only ever need one blue source.  Other than that, I really don't agree with pope's changes, lighthouse is great lategame and your mana's pretty good, and wrath is unpredictable and overcosted on the non-miracle side, and it's best not to over-rely on counters when aggressive decks that can kill you quickly and cavern of souls exist.  If you do want to go with his idea, run dissipate instead of cancel, then you can stop graveyard shennanigans like flashback or unburial rites.

Why does everyone think I'm phantom lancer? QFT:

139359831 wrote:
I hope all this helps you to see things in a greater light—and understand that Magic: the Gathering was really created by extraterrestials using Richard Garfield as a medium. The game itself reflects the socio-psycho realtivity between living beings, and the science that takes precedence over them—to define reality for them all (like telekinesis, weather, scientific reaction, phenomenon, ingenuity, how the brain works, etc.). I'd also bet there is an entity floating thousands of miles above us, looking down on the current state of game, shaking its fist like... "Wtf are you doing?! You're getting it all screwed up!". Awkward—to be evolved, and yet still subject to the ladder that is the concepts of the game. In this case, misconception, corruption, and deception. With the realities of each color becoming distorted (through oblivious designers), leading the game to reflect a false state of reality that warps the understanding that other people have about those things. For example, people thinking that white could be anything except pure good. This shouldn't be too far off though, I mean...Magic is designed based on reality after all, so that entity (those entities) should be subject to those things. Anyways, I guess when you're busy doing space stuff you can't always be around to ensure quality control. It's no wonder they choose Garfield, they're so much alike; that's exactly what happened to him and Magic.
166199665 wrote:
omg snortng so much febbdelicious /intocixated in rl
@SSpidey86 it's alittle clunky, but not enough to change playstyle. Also the look on people's faces when they go, WAIT THIS IS A DRAGON DECK?!?!?!? is priceless. and yeah i have the same thing with the gutters & electromancers. i find that once you're in that late stage where you have enough mana, chump blocking with the electromancers is very common. 

@Catotheyounger it's not a huge deal, but overloading mortars after they've blocked can be quite devastating. and the only reason there are more hypers than thundermaws is because i'm on a massive budget. And i agree with the not relying to much on counters, hence the burn, but countering does have it's place (aka Thraktusk)

Thanks guys for the all the ideas. i'll be posting the revised list soon.  
Main Deck
Goblin Electromancer          x3
Guttersnipe                        x4
Hypersonic Dragon             x3
Thundermaw Hellkite          x2
Pillar of Flame                     x4
Syncopate                          x4
Cyclonic Rift                        x4
Izzet Charm                       x4
Mizzium Mortars                 x3
Think Twice                        x2
Traitorous Blood                x2
Hellion Crucible                  x2
Island                                x5
Mountain                           x7
Izzet Guildgate                  x3
Steam Vents                      x4
Sulfur Falls                         x4
Tormod's Crypt                  x4
Pithing Needle                   x2
Thunderbolt                       x3
Dissipate                           x4
Talrand, Sky Summoner    x2

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