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I haven't been here in a while. Perhaps three or four months. But last I heard there was rumors of them removing the virtual table. Maybe to crack down on it and everything for the next installation of DnD. (I hope. Been wanting to try out a virtual dnd game as nothing around me and work is not friendly when allowing five people off the same night to play it.)

I am just wondering if the table is still up, or if its down, when we would see it come back.

Its too good of a feature to remove permanantly in my opinion.
On July 30, 2012, WoTC made an announcement that they were closing the D&D VT because they were unable to generate enough support for the tool. It was sold to RPG Table Online, a division of Game Table Online, the company that originally developped it. WoTC_Josh transferred the BETA Forum group onwership to RobEng, Vice-President of GTO.

You can still find the BETA Forum Group here:

And the Campaign Manager here:


D&D VT Community Announcement

  I wanted to inform you all about an important decision that Wizards has made regarding the D&D Virtual Table  and Virtual Table Beta. While we appreciate the enthusiasm and participation in the Beta phase, we were unable to generate enough support for the tool to launch a full version to the public. Effective July 30, 2012 the D&D Virtual Table Beta will be coming to an end and the VT will be closed.

  Over the next three weeks, we encourage you to wrap up your existing campaigns and make sure to gather contact information from your online group members so that you can stay in touch if you like. We realize that because all data generated in the tool is in a proprietary format usable only by the Virtual Table, it is not possible to export your campaigns for use in another tool. You can, however, take screenshots of any notes, maps or adventures that you would like to hang on to or use in your home games.

  We would like to thank everyone who participated in the VT Beta and look forward to continuing to support D&D game play through our D&D Insider digital tools and D&D Next.

As you may have heard, Wizards of the Coast has decided to stop hosting the Dungeons & Dragons Virtual Table. I am here to let you know that GameTable Online is in the process of adopting the VT platform and are preparing to host it at our new RPG portal. GTO coded and developed the VT so we are very familiar with the platform and are excited to be going live with this roleplaying game application.

The anticipated name for the new VT will be RPGTable Online and we have claimed the URL address of  We have some work to do to prepare for the transition but expect to be back to hosting online RPG sessions by the end of July! The details are still be worked out but we will let you know how we envision the RPGTO moving forward.

A big concern for us was making sure that your existing VT Dungeons & Dragons campaigns are transferred to RPGTO. To transfer your active campaigns to RPGTable Online all you need to do is register at before we go live and email your GTO User Name and VT Screen Name to When the transition to the GTO site goes forward, we will port them over so all of your campaigns will be waiting for you!

GTO has been hosting online board games, since 2003 so we know and love games. We are looking forward to the opportunity to expand our online games to include an RPG application.

Robert Eng, Vice-President GameTable Online 


Darn, But to be fair, last I checked it was a little complicated to figure out. I didn't try that much to learn it, but one of those hit or miss things. I just checked the rpg table site and so far it looks pretty interesting. 

Thanks for letting me know. 
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