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when u  use auger spree on a creature and attack with it. and the creature u enchanted has a lover toughnes than 4 what happens?

ur creature deals dammage and then dies? becouse its toughnes reached below 0?
If a creature has 0 toughness or less, it is sent to the graveyard as a state based action the next time a player would receive priority. It's not destruction, so regeneration can't save it.

So if you use Auger Spree on a Runeclaw Bear at any point before combat damage is dealt, it'll go to the graveyard and won't be around to deal damage. If you do it after damage has been dealt... damage has already been dealt, and it'll be sent to the graveyard without any change in the amount of damage dealt.

In short, if its toughness is gonna go to 0 you can't use it as a pump effectively. ^^ 
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tnx alot XD
In short, if its toughness is gonna go to 0 you can't use it as a pump effectively. ^^ 

The creature will, however, die with the new power, so any effects that care about that creature's power will use last know information to get it.

For instance:

If you attack with Wild Beastmaster and then, in response to her triggered ability, use Auger Spree spree on her she will briefly be a 5/-2 so when her trigger resolves your creatures will get +5/+5 until end of turn.

If you Auger Spree your Cobblebrute whilst you control Death's Presence you will get to put 9 +1/+1 counters on target creature you control.

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