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NOTE: This is a revised spell list and class options based on the latest packet.

So with the D&D Next playtest developing further, I've decided to try my hand at creating elementalists. In 2nd ed they were clerics who worshipped a particular element. I've gone down a different road. As a refresher here are the elements in my version of Dark Sun:

  • Suk-Krath: The plane of fire that also shares the same name as the sun.

  • Ruk: The plane of stone.

  • Vivadu: The plane of water.

  • Whira: The plane of wind.

  • Drov: The plane of shadows

  • Elkros: The plane of electricity.

There is said to be another type of elementalist. A Nilazi. Nilazi are said to have a connection to the Void Plane, a plane where nothing exists. This plane is poorly understood.

Here's my version of Elementalists in D&D Next.

Wizards (Elementalists)

You were born with a connection to one of the Elemental Planes (or the Void Plane) and have manifested this connection at some point in your life. Your class levels are in the wizard class with your class features those for the wizard in the playtest material with some exceptions provided below.

Some elementalists may share the same spell but it will manifest in different ways.

Ability Adjustment

+1 to your Charisma or Constitution score. You use Charisma to cast spells, and a high Constitution score provides extra hit points.

Level 1: Wizardly Knowledge

You gain training in either Bluff, Diplomacy or Knowledge Planes.

Level 1: Arcane Magic

Charisma is your magic ability score.

You do not gain a spellbook. Instead you simply know three 1st level spells and four 0th level spells of your choice from the spell list provided to you by your element. Each time you gain a wizard level, you learn a number of spells equal to your charisma modifier. After an extended rest you may commune with your element for one hour to prepare your spells for the day.

Magic attacks use your charisma modifier.

The DC of your saving throws uses your Charisma modifier.

Level 1: Tradition of Wizardry

Rather than selecting a tradition of wizardry, you manifest a connection with one of the elements. You get three cantrips from your element's spell list as well as two other features that you can choose (lists to be provided once WotC produces more schools of wizardry).

Spell Lists

The spells available depends on your element. Below are the spell lists for each element.

Suk-Krathi (Fire Elementalist):

  • Light (cantrip)

  • Minor Illusion (cantrip)

  • Burning Hands (1st level)

  • Color Spray (1st level)

  • Detect Magic (1st level)

  • Disguise Self (1st level)

  • Identify (1st level)

  • Invisibility (2nd level)

  • Mirror Image (2nd level)

  • Scorching Ray (2nd level)

  • Phantasmal Force (2nd level)

  • Daylight (3rd level)

  • Fireball (3rd level)

  • Wall of Fire (3rd level)

  • Flamestrike (5th level)

  • Planar Ally (6th level)

  • Sunbeam (6th level)

  • Firestorm (7th level)

  • Invisibility, Mass (7th level)

  • Plane Shift (7th level)

  • Sunburst (8th level)

  • Gate (9th level)

Rukkian (Earth Elementalist):

  • Mage Armour (cantrip)

  • Magic Missile (1st level)

  • Sleep (1st level)

  • Knock (2nd level)

  • Spider Climb (2nd level)

  • Create Food (3rd level)

  • Stoneskin (4th level)

  • Passwall (5th level)

  • Blade Barrier (6th level)

  • Flesh to Stone (6th level)

  • Move Earth (6th level)

  • Planar Ally (6th level)

  • Earthquake (7th level)

  • Plane Shift (7th level)

  • Gate (9th level)

  • Meteor Swarm (9th level)

Vivaduan (Water Elementalist):

  • Chill Touch (cantrip)

  • Prestidigitation (cantrip)

  • Ray of Frost (cantrip)

  • Cure Light Wounds (1st level)

  • Create Water (1st level)

  • Detect Magic (1st level)

  • Aid (2nd level)

  • Acid Arrow (2nd level)

  • Cure Moderate Wounds (2nd Level)

  • Lesser Restoration (2nd level)

  • Cure Serious Wounds (3rd level)

  • Stinking Cloud (3rd level)

  • Water Breathing (3rd level)

  • Cure Critical Wounds (4th level)

  • Death Ward (4th level)

  • Ice Storm (4th level)

  • Cone of Cold (5th level)

  • Cloudkill (5th level)

  • Cure Wounds, Mass (5th level)

  • Heal (6th level)

  • Planar Ally (6th level)

  • Cure Wounds, Improved Mass (7th level)

  • Plane Shift (7th level)

  • Regenerate (7th level)

  • Restoration, Greater (7th level)

  • Gate (9th level)

  • Heal, Mass (9th level)

Whiran (Wind Elementalist):

  • Mage Hand (cantrip)

  • Detect Magic (1st level)

  • Feather Fall (1st level spell)

  • Magic Missile (1st level spell)

  • Shield (1st level spell)

  • Invisibility (2nd level)

  • Knock (2nd level)

  • Levitate (2nd level)

  • Spiritual Weapon (2nd level)

  • Phantasmal Force (2nd level)

  • Silence (2nd level)

  • Fly (3rd level)

  • Hold Person (3rd level)

  • Hold Monster (5th level)

  • Telekinesis (5th level)

  • Teleport (5th level)

  • Blade Barrier (6th level)

  • Planar Ally (6th level)

  • Plane Shift (7th level)

  • Teleport, Greater (7th level)

  • Gate (9th level)

Drovian (Shadow Elementalist):

  • Detect Magic (1st level)

  • Darkness (2nd level)

  • Phantasmal Force (2nd level)

  • Blink (3rd level)

  • Dimension Door (4th level)

  • Ethereal Projection (9th level) – Functions as Astral Projection but you go to the Ethereal Plane.

  • Planar Ally (6th level)

  • Plane Shift (7th level)

  • Gate (9th level)

Elkrosian (Electricity Elementalist):

  • Shocking Grasp (cantrip)

  • Detect Magic (1st level)

  • Thunderwave (1st level)

  • Sound Burst (2nd level)

  • Haste (3rd level)

  • Lightning Bolt (3rd level)

  • Chain Lightning (6th level)

  • Planar Ally (6th level)

  • Plane Shift (7th level)

  • Gate (9th level)

Nilazi (Void Mage):

  • Cause Fear (1st level)

  • Detect Magic (1st level)

  • Detect Undead (1st level)

  • Inflict Light Wounds (1st level)

  • Inflict Moderate Wounds (2nd level)

  • Dispel Magic (3rd level)

  • Inflict Serious Wounds (3rd level)

  • Speak with Dead (3rd level)

  • Inflict Critical Wounds (4th level)

  • Banishment (6th level)

  • Disintegrate (6th level)

  • Dispel Magic, Greater (6th level)

  • Harm (6th level)

  • Destruction (7th level)

  • Finger of Death (7th level)

  • Antimagic Field (8th level)

  • Clone (8th level)

  • Power Word Kill (9th level)

  • Time Stop (9th level)


Obviously the spell lists are a work in progress, but I'd definitely be interested in feedback from people. Some Spells I've ommited are:

  • Charm Person

  • Command

  • Comprehend Languages

  • Dominate Person

  • Identify

  • Polymorph

  • Rope Trick

  • Suggestion, Mass

  • True Seeing

  • Web

Mostly because I couldn't decide which element they'd correspond to.

I've made heavy revisions to the first post. I'd be interested in people's feedback.
If I do Dark Sun (or if someone wants to play Elementalist), I'm totally using this.  If I do, I'll supply feedback!

An undead spectre occasionally returning to remind the fandom of its grim existence.



Some good pointers for the fellow hobbyist!:

Looks like a decent class. Wizards and the elemental worshipers were always two distinct things to me so in my games I probably woudlnt blend them, but that's certainly an interesting take. I like the names of the elements you came up with.
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