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Hi all,

I wanted to challenge the community to create a decklist, one card at a time.

Rules of the challenge:
1) You can only post 1 card. Depending on how many people decide to participate I may periodically edit this rule so that the deck gets finished.

2) Posters with at least 100 posts on these boards can veto 1 card, removing it from the decklist.

3) Each vote only adds one copy of the card, so if the community wants a deck with 4 thragtusk, it takes 4 separate cotes.

4)To keep the thread clean, and on track, please just post the name of the card as your entire post. EDIT: You may provide a brief blurb about the card, but keep it to a couple sentences max.

"VOTE: farseek

The current standard seems ripe for ramp strategies, and the manafixing allows for synergistic threat and answer cards from different colors to be played together."

The goal of this challenge is to post something from the community that is reasonably competitve, but at the same time not a card for card netdeck of an established archetype. In regards to comments from anubuss, the goal is to bring together both newer and more experienced players to help show the process of creating a deck. As ths forum is the 'standard deck help' and the goal of this thread is for players to come together to help build a standard deck, and also encourage communication between members of the forum. To be clear, the intent is to be competitive, not casual. However, you are perhaps correct that newer players may have trouble learning unless a motivation for a card is given, so I'll amend the 'rule 4' above.

Ill periodically edit the initial post to make it clear where the deck stands.

I'll start us off
VOTE: farseek
VOTE: oblivion ring
VOTE: sublime archangel
VOTE: gilded lotus
VOTE: zombie goliath (troll votes will be canceled at my discretion without the need of a veto as needed) 
This sounds like a Casual thread to me.  We're here to critic and offer advice for improving a deck, not out to build one, let alone one a single card at a time.
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