Help with info on information on 6 Sided Dice. Rare TSR large 6si dice

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I have had these green 6sided dice 2" long on all sides.  Where the one normally would be there is a very cool TSR dragon logo/watermark.  Ill include photo's to ensure accuracy.  I have been unable to locate any information on the dice, ive only found one result from google images unfortunatly it has no information on any kind of unique ID # to research them further.  If anyone knows anything about these dice please help me out.  Ok im not able to upload images for some reason here is a link to a picture of the dice in question

It looks like it was made during the time frame that TSR was making Dragon Dice (1996-97) but I am not sure.  SFR currently now has the Dragon Dice license.  Here is there web site, they may be able to help you.

Flux Cobalt

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