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So last weekend I played an EDH tournament at my local store. I finished top 8 (5th) and won $25 in store credit. Now I'm at a crossroads as to the best way to spend it.  If you had 25 bucks towards anything... what would you put it towards? I usually purchase some nice singles but can't make up my frikken mind... If you need some focus, I'm becoming a fan of planeswalkers and I'm working on an EDH deck with Alexi, Zephyr Mage but really just trying to get some good bang outta the free bucks...
I'd buy a duel deck
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Singles sound best - either artifacts or lands that can be floated between multiple EDH decks or Blue EDH "staples" that you are lacking.

Then again, I can always use more sleeves and/or a fancy playmat.

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For me personally, I'd buy one or two Shock lands because I need to complete my playsets.  For that mono-blue EDH deck...Rings of Brighthearth?

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Amnesia to follow up Alexi's ability. Goodbye threats.

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25 store credit?  How many entry fees is that?  Either entry fees or mtn dew pick one:P or half and half. or 25/75. or 75/25 or. . .
Ended up getting singles. Umezawa's Jitte, Arcanis, the Omnipotent, and some other blue rares for the Alexi build. Almost bought sleeves as they were rather nice Magic Artist's types but at 8 bucks for 80 i didn't feel like burning 16 bucks to do two decks. (EDH and a regular.) Thanks for the input though it did help me choose.

P.S. @MrGoofBall, it would have been 2.5 entry fees towards EDH tourneys. :-)
Amnesia to follow up Alexi's ability. Goodbye threats.

I remember using Alexi a lot with Rising Waters back in the day. It was awesome.
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