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My group likes to do holiday specials, and I'm having trouble coming up with a Christmas one this year. Last year, they helped free Father Winter (Santa) from an evil possession and slew Krampus. 

In the home made setting we're in, it's Midwinter traditional for the King to walk the streets and hand a gold coin to every parent and a toy to every child, while various temples stage paladins battling "evil spirits" on the streets. The problem here is the king is dead and the queen is missing (they know where she is, she's just not able to go about the tradition).

Short of having the evil spirits turn out to be real or having someone fake being the queen, I  cant really think of any fun twists on this. Ideas?
If they are not real paladins, have them alll dress the same. Then have one of the paladins kill one of the "evil spirits" for real.

You could do a murder mystery sort of thing.
How about someone, either the PCs or a good court noble could start to institute new Midwinter festivities like wrapped gifts under a tree or in stockings hung out to dry. finding the right tree in the forest could be a fun adventure.
The sea looks at the stabillity of the mountian and sighs. The mountian watches the freedom of the sea and cries.
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