Question about two-weapon fighting in 2e

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Does fighting with two weapons, one in each hand, allow the character to target two different enemies (one with each weapon) if they are close enough?  Or does the character have to use both attacks against the same enemy?  This is for 2e.

I'd assume you could split them up just like a high level warrior could split up its multiple attacks.
There is no 2E restriction on attacking different opponents - so long as all intended targets are within melee reach, you can divide up your individual attacks any way you wished, even if your attacks are made with different hands.  (If anyone tells you otherwise, tell them to point out the text stating this, because I'm quite certain it doesn't exist.)
The only thing I would say would be the position of the fighters. If you turn your back on something fighting you, usually to run but I would assume fighting something else could count, they get as many free attacks of opportunity as they have normal attacks. That would be up to the DM to decide how they wanted to run it. 
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