A question about monsters for all players

After DMing for a number of sessions, and playing a little, I'm torn, so I have a question for all players:

What do you think feels better in the game, monsters that hit less often and do more damage (kind of like they do now), or monsters that hit more often and do less damage?


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Monsters that hit more but for less damage. Anything else is either a joke or simply too powerful when it does hit especially with lucky rolls you could kill a party before they even get a chance to act
Monsters that hit more often and do less damage. Less swingyness...

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I'd have too say a combination -

See with a dragon you get many hits and little damage from claw claw bite, then the breath is less frequent but very nasty, tail slap to move foes away without adding another damaging attack. This makes fights vs Dragons great fun, and usually highly memorable.

With groups of creatures you can have light infantry and archers doing lots of hits for light damage, then have the big strong one sway through and lay the smackdown. Make it fun by having some of its comrades chant and give your team a chance to fight your big damage dealer, or several of you gang up on it.

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agreed with BlakeRyan. i like a combination of both. i expect hobgoblins to be hitting more often but for less. where as i expect that a slow moving troll is less likely to hit but when it does i expect it to hurt
i would say both, depending on the situation.  i'd like to see the peons and minions hitting more often and less damage.  but the boss characters and such to hit less often, but pack more of a punch. 
+1 to the idea of having both low-hit-high-damage and high-hit-low-damage monsters.
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