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Well, I have started playing magic for 7 weeks now and I have made a deck with the help of several friends of mine, and I would like to know what you guys think of it, well here it is:

Overall card number: 70

Creature count: 28


1x Winnower Patrol
1x Viridian Emissary
1x Azusa, Lost but Seeking
1x Wall of Tanglecord
1x Pathbreaker Wurm
1x Acidic Slime
1x Hunting Triad
1x Geist Trappers

2x Vorstclaw
2x Baloth Woodcrasher
2x Wildheart Invoker
2x Civic Wayfinder
2x Thornweald Archer
2x Wolfir Avenger
2x Llanowar Elves
2x Nightshade Peddler

4x Greenweaver Druid

Spell Count: 18


1x Bower Passage
1x Natural Spring
1x Sheltering Word
1x Harmonize
1x Windstorm
1x Overrun

2x Giant Growth
2x Lair Delve
2x Rancor
2x Fog

4x Harrow

Land Count: 24

24x Forest

So, what do you guys think?


Removed Shimmering Grotto, and Abundant Growth.
Tip 1;
For single cards [c*]Griselbrand[/c*] - * = Griselbrand
Same for Decks

It helps people I.D. the cards =D

Also, in the list don't write plural, ex;
Some small changes I might make (not sure what your budget so I'll keep them relatively cheap);
4 Llanowar Elves and ditch the Greenweaver Druid (or at least drop to 2) for 3cmc you want a bigger bang.
At least 2 Overruns - maybe 3-4.

Actually the best advice I can recommend is running playset (4-of's) or at least pairs; two many singles can mess with the flow/reliability of the deck.  The only decks that can really pull that off are Reanimators; even then it's only the big threats, they run playsets of functional spells.  You need focus; find the type of deck you like and make the deck play as such.  

Why the Shimmering Grotto and Abundent Growth in a mono-green deck?
I wish i could give you more advice but I don't play mono-green (or green at all really).  I'm sure a few people here will be able to help more.  Best of luck.
It looks like the kind of deck I would have made after that long of playing as well. 

Without going into to many specifics, and assuming you're on a budget since you're still new, I think you're going to find that you don't have enough early creatures to play.  Since its all green, you can use Strangleroot Geist easily, and mayb two more Llanowar Elves. Both should be common to find online or in a game shop, and pretty cheap.
Thanks guys! I'll see about those cards, and what other cards would you recommend for me?
How much are you looking to spend? You can play a lot of decent stuff for even $10 or less. 
10 or so.
Young Wolf might be a great one drop. Leatherback Baloth is a great 3 spot and Khalni Hydra can be a really good fatty for this deck. I would run 4 Harmonize as well.

It will also help you to look through your deck and pick out the things that perform really well for you, then make those 3 or 4's. 
bad cards
winnover patrol
geist trappers
hunting triad*
natural spring
wind storm
lair delve*

cards marked with *  can be decent or even good in the right decks but arent right for the strategy here.

first ramp (cards that increase your mana):
an easy go-to solution is arbor elf and overgrowth (garruk wildspeakerif yuore willing to spend 3-4$ a pop - he's worth it).

as for creatures, here's some options:

llanowar elves
arbor elf
broodhatch nantuko
leatherback baloth
awakener druid
centaur omenreader
fangren firstborn
hidden predators
wickerbough elder
timbermaw larva
cudgel troll
beastmaster ascension
wolfir avenger
wolfbriar elemental
obstinate baloth
yeva, nature's herald
strangleroot geist
deadbridge goliath


spike weaver
beacon of creation
chameleon colossus
boartusk liege
boggart ram-gang
dauntless dourbark
drove of elves
dungrove elder
omnath, locus of mana
wolfir silverheart
thrun, the last troll


pelakka wurm
avatar of might
tornado elemental
gaea's revenge

Actually Azusa, Lost but Seeking is a good combo with the Baloth Woodcrasher because I can play three lands and it gets +4/4 every time a land enters your field for that turn.
this is somewhat true but
1: you have only 2 cards with synergy which is not enough to warrant the inclusion of a card
2: you have little in the way of draw etc so the chance of you dropping 2 let alone 3 is really small

now and then azusa might give you a small benefit, but compared to a card that fits azusa will perform badly.
I have to agree completely with rawsugar; not all cards fit in every deck.  

Azusa, Lost but Seeking is a great card, however I would only run it in a deck with lost of draw; A reanimator running Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, Griselbrand or even Damia, Sage of Stone.  Perhaps a Dredge deck also running Life from the Loam.  That would actually be an effective combo.  I'm sure there are other great cards that combo with her, but running her (as a 1-of) with 1 card that combos with her (also a 1-of)?  Not really the best use of the card.

We're not trying to criticize you; every time you see an awesome card you want to run it in your deck.  This isn't a "newbie" only thing, it can even happen to people who have been playing for long periods of time.  If you read some of my threads you'll notice I still have trouble cutting things from decks because I want to run so much (not that I have years of experience or anything; I don't); in the end though, you may have to run more then one deck.  These decks may even have similar themes (most of mine feature Control or Recursion; usually both) but each one has certain cards/combos that the others do not and play slightly differently.

Just because a card is powerful does not mean it fits in every deck; I would focus more on getting some play sets of low cost cards to fill this deck out and then trying to find the play-style you like.  Once you have a better idea what you like to play you can then start building decks of that type. 

This is a deck idea for you to check out (primarily an elf deck);

Honestly not sure how it would play; but if I built an elf deck it would probably look something like this.
Okay, I'll see about those. What do you guys think of Slime Molding, Urban Burgeoning, Khalni Garden, and Tanglesap for this deck?
There's no good reason for this to run Burgeoning. 
There's no good reason for this to run Burgeoning. 

It could be useful for Fog or another type of instant blocker.
The list you posted yesterday only had six instants listed in it. Running a card like here is just really inefficient. It does nothing at all on its own. Keeping a Llanowar Elves untapped would be much more useful if you were holding onto something like that, and it's a card that has other uses that will help you win the game. Burgeoning isn't going to, at best there's a slight chance it may stall, but a mono green deck doesn't need to stall. 
Urban Burgeoning is a great card but I don't see a need for it in your deck.  it would work best in a deck running multiple colours; mostly because :G: doesn't really have anything that would really benefit from this.  If you were running a Blue/Green deck; or Blue/Green + a third colour, where blue was used mostly for control (obviously) then it would be a fantastic card.  It would let you tap out during your turn and still have man to cast [c=Spell Pierce]ounterspells during you opponents turn.

Slime Molding - For it to be worthwhile (IMO) you need to spend at least 3 mana for X, so it's 4cmc - for a 3/3 with no abilities   You should get more then that for that much of a man investment IMO.

Khalni Garden; No real issue with it though I'm not really a fan of lands that come in tapped; especially when the "benefit" is so weak; unless you have something that gives all you're creatures a permanent boost.  Not a bad card but not necessarily good either.

Tanglesap - So it's a worse version of Fog for more mana? (Defensively speaking of course)  I can see it's benefit; if they block your small creatures they'll all live but your opponent still gets hit from your trample creatures.  The downside?  All of your opponents creatures live as well.  Not worth including IMO.

Sorry if I burst your bubble man but if you ask I will give you an honest opinion.
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