Building a "Marvelous :Land of OZ" Campaign.... Tips please.

Well we replayed a classic last session.... Dungeonland (Alice in wonderland) using 5e/next rules.  WOrked well.  
One of the players mentions OZ and how fun it would be to play in the land of OZ . SO Ive been doing some research and reading of books other than Wonderful WOrld and found this is a great oppurtunity for a campaign setting.  

Lollypop Kids-- Gnomes or KENDER or maybe Halfling

FLying Monkeys-----Not sure yet.

Scarecrow and Lion are all were-creatures (Cursed)

Tinman a Cursed Woodsman (true to the storyline) 

Dorthy A princess

But there are many other things about OZ that make it a wonderful setting like Magic.  Does it work the same?  How does one travel to OZ?  What Plane is it on?    

I will try to keep everyone informed but I am open to help and suggestions. If Mike and the 5E team pick it up Id be happy to give credit where credit is due!    So anyone wanna help?  Our first session is tonight and we will be starting in Kansas and seeing how it goes!

It's the "Lollipop GUILD," not "Lollipop kids."  All-too-common mistake, and the munchkins are more gnome than halfling.  Kender can go to the hells for being a joke race in a joke world.

Scarecrow is a straw golem.  I know stats exist for it someplace.  Tin man has stats, too.  The lion isn't even a were-creature.  He's a humanoid lion.  He can't change shape or anything.

Dorothy isn't so much a princess as an unlikely heroine.

If you want to get into the Ticktocks and wheelers and such...  Well, Burton really did a number on Oz.  (Some of it was good, even.) 
Something someone on another site suggested once:

Dorothy: Thief (or Assassin)
Tin Man: Cleric (or Bard)
Scarecrow: Wizard (or Warlord)
Lion: Warrior (or Barbarian)

Traps: anything requiring courage, intelligence, or emotion

Oz: Charlatan/Wizard
Witch: Hag
How could the scarecrow be a wizard? He doesn't have a brain and afaik wizards rely on intelligence. :P
Well for flying Monkeys  Have you seen -

The AD&D Module UK7 "Dark Clouds Gather" Has a race of flying Monkeys the Ba'atun  I remember Wizards posting the module as a PDF a while back so some one might have it still

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