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I'm going to start playing a Storm Sorcerer/Barbarian Dragonborn, and I took the Storm Dragon parago path. The character is level 16 so it gets the "Storm Dragon Wings" feature which states "You gain overland flight with a speed of 8". I was just wondering if there is a difference between "Overland" Flight, and regular Flight. Basically I want to know if during an encounter on land, can I fly 8 "squares" into the air?
Overland Flight is a form of transportation movement similar to overland speed. I has to do with travel. I've never done anything with the travel rules as a player or DM, so I really don't know much about it beyond this.

As to your question, no, Overland Flight is not the same as Flight. You need Flight to fly normally.

 Overland flight is strictly a non-combat ability...


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