Healing the Dying, and Skill checks

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So I'm DM 4e for a large group of first timers, including myself. Needless to stay, I've made some mistakes. My question is about healing a dying person during an encounter. Last round our only healer couldn't make it to the game, so we went on without him. But during an encounter one of the characters was knocked unconscious and dying. 

My question is, what are all of the players' options to help the dying player, given that there is no one with a heal power, both during and after an encounter? 

One of the other players had a healing potion, which believe he could administer to the unconscious player as a standard action, but is that it? Can a character administer a Heal skill during an encounter?

One PC could use a Standard action to have a dying PC:

1. Administer a potion of healing (automatic): Spend a healing surge. Instead of the hit points you would normally regain, you regain 10 hit points.

2. Grant Second Wind (DC 10): The subject can use its second wind, if available, without taking an action. The subject doesn’t gain the defense bonus normally granted by second wind, but still gains any other benefits associated with its second wind, such as a benefit granted by a class feature or a feat.

Stabilize the Dying (DC 15): If the subject is dying, the subject stops making death saving throws until it takes damage. Being stabilized does not change the subject’s current hit point tota
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