Shield of Fellowship and timing

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Say I have a battlerager 15 with a Shield of Fellowship and 22 CON.  He previously hit with an invigorating power, so he has 12 temporary hit points already.  Now say he hits an enemy with a non-invigorating power, so he would gain 6 temporary hit points, which wouldn't stack.  He decides to use the shield's property to transfer those temps to an adjacent ally.

Which of the following sequences happen?

Sequence A:

  1. He hits the enemy and would gain 6 temps.

  2. He invokes the shield.

  3. The temps transfer to the ally, who gains 9 temps.

  4. He no longer has temps to gain, but still has 12 temps from before.

Sequence B:

  1. He hits the enemy and would gain 6 temps.

  2. He gains the temps, which are non-stacking, and vanish into the 12 temps he already has.

  3. He invokes the shield.

  4. The amount he gained from the attack (6 temps) transfer to the ally, reducing his temps to 6, and the ally gains 9 temps.

Or if neither sequence is right, what would happen?

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