D&D Alumni: Temple of the Sky God Flying Mounts

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D&D Alumni
Temple of the Sky God: Flying Mounts

By Bart Caroll

Now, the utility (or at least, the constant utility) of a warhorse in many D&D campaigns might be debatable. As we've 
written before, the game often concerns the exploration of, well, dungeons—not to mention tombs, ruins, abandoned keeps, forgotten temples, lost caverns, ghost towers, slave pits, inverted ziggurats, pyramids, and occasional jaunts around cities (forbidden or otherwise). In a game of not infrequent dungeon exploration, a warhorse presents certain challenges. Is the horse turned away at the entrance, like Bill the Pony outside the Mines of Moria? Is it forced into the dungeon (which recalls the old Sage Advice question about how one’s centaur character could possibly climb a ladder)?

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