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Do you have any D&D Podcasts that you like to listen to?  I enjoy the Critical Hits! Podcast of actual play in 4E... also enjoy The Tome Show, especially the DM shows...  The infrequent official WOTC show is pretty good when they have one.... any other reccommendations?  Doesn't have to be 4E, as long as the audio is good!
I rather liked the Exemplary DM podcasts.  There aren't really that many of them, but they are pretty decent.  Especially for DMs who want new ideas for little things in their campaigns.
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Isosahedrophilia is superb - in the first few episodes the audio is not great, but this improves. And the story is good, on a par with Critical Hit.
Critical Hit is good, but i think they haven't uploaded any new episode since march.  That one last episode was really good, and they talked alot about something important that i found most DM lacking...the supporting cast is a very important thing...supporting cast being the NPCs, and as a DM is your duty to make the Player Characters involved into the plot and such thru those NPCs, supporting character and villains both...i hope they make more episodes in the future...
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Hey cave2626... I love your site and listen to your Encounters podcasts... Great and useful to me as an Encounters DM... Are your podcasts available on I-Tunes?
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