Moar Classes!

I have no idea where to post this... but it does pretain to D&D next. I play D&D with 6 or so people and we have repets of classes. So Me and my friends started writing our own classes. So far, the finished classes are Gunslinger, Arcane Archer, and Samurai. All of them are unique and have their own style of play, so here they are.
Um... if you like these or have requests or suggestions I would love to hear them, or critiques.
Well this would have more place in a D&D5 Homebrew thread section, but hey.

Din't read everything, but a few things comes to mind.

Make the Penetration for flintlocks easier and more simple, has it is, its too complicated and OP.

Make it something like this, Between 5 and 10 feets the targets as a -1 to AC, between 10 to 15 Feet, the Target gets a -2 AC, between 15 to 20 the Target gets a -3 AC, over 20 feets, the AC penalty is reversed, the bullets losing in speed and penetration force.

Sea of Swords should be that you add your DEXmod to your Attack roll on MBA's.

PLus seeing that there is only Feats like and traits and no actual powers or attacks, in wich condition do you use those?

And rename the Chakra of the Samurai into something else, Like Battle Spirit, or Spiritual Focus, Chakra isn't fit for someone as a Samurai, or you are misunderstanding it with Ninja's in Naruto manga...

And same as with the Pirate, you describe Feats and Deeds and whatnot, that says you can do this and that, but where does it says what those attacks actually does?

Cool Cool, thanks for the feed back man
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