Using Arbor elves for TWO abilities?

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Okay, let's say I have 3 green/white mana and a grove of the guradian, as well as 2 arbor elves up. Can i get my Guardian up? Can activate both my arbor elves ability for mana, then activate grove of the guardian before that reslves and tap the arbor elves? Would the ability still resolve if they were tapped by something else first? Would it be possible to get the Guardian up? Thanks
No. You cannot activate Grove of the Guardian with three lands and two Arbor Elfs.

Tapping the Arbor Elf is the cost to activate its ability. It happens right away, and you cannot respond to it. Since you tapped your Elves to activate their abilities, they are tapped, and you cannot tap them to activate Grove of the Guardian.
I should also point out that technically, you aren't tapping your Arbor Elfs for mana; you're tapping them to untap forests (which you'll likely then tap for mana). While this will often by functionally identical to Llanowar Elves (which you do tap for mana), Arbor Elf's ability uses the stack, whereas Llanowar's doest. Llanowar will also only produce green (excluding outside effects), whereas Arbor elf theoretically could produce any color.
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