How would you cost this?

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Ghast of Plentifulness  
Creature - Spirit

Affinity for permanents.


Practical Philosopher  ??
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When ~ ETB, exile a creature card in your hand. Until EOT, you may cast that card from exile. It has Affinity for permanents (this is not in addition to affinities it already has, but replaces them). At EOT, return that card from exile to your hand.

At 8 it's mythic rare, and still pushed.

I was thinking maybe 10. 
At 8 it's mythic rare, and still pushed.

I was thinking maybe 10. 

Rarity has nothing to do with power.

I'd say at 10 it comes down on turn five with having nothing but land. 12 is probably a fair price. It has no evasion or protection anyway.
My experience with Pauper would say otherwise, but whatever.

Yeah, 12 seems ok. 
golly, I was gonna vote 7

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Well what I mean is, you can't just up rarity to up power. Or something. I forgot the phrase people use here.
At least 8.

Wait, they printed this? And still didn't see the problem with affinity? Weird.
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Ghast of Plentifulness  ??
Creature - Spirit

Affinity for permanents.


For starters, if you have five lands, than it's down to seven.  Likely by that point, you also have a creature or two, and maybe an artifact or an enchantment, so it'd be fairly priced at that.  Late in the game, you could probably drop it for almost nothing.
The funny thing is that if the cost goes up high enough it becomes even more of an advantage, but without the usual uncastable drawback.
Oh god. I played around with this before. It's not easy to find a good balance between reasonably cost and wow factor.
Tthere are a few ways to make it easier:
Add some colored mana to the cost so it always costs something
Make the stats low enough that it isn't so bad if it's cast on the cheap (think Frogmite).
Make less of the card's power come from high stats so it has less of a dominating presence on the battlefield. Give it a cool ability instead.
I made this one specifically to think about how affinity for permanents affects vanillas. I'll factor in abilities later.
Fair enough.
Alright so if this is a colorless 5/5 then I wouldn't want it hitting the field before turn 5 except in decks dedicated to getting it out. Let's say your average deck has three/four lands and three nonlands out by turn 5, then this guy would get a cost reduction of 6 or 7 mana by then. We'd still want him to be someting you'd tap out for at that point so that would indicate a cost of ~.
Then of course you'd have to look out for easy combos (especially in the standard environment) and up the cost as necesary. I would probably ballpark it at, say .
Sold. 12 it is.

What about the new one? 
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