The Dungeon Master Experience: Lego My Ego

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The Dungeon Master Experience
Lego My Ego

By Chris Perkins

Everyone has an ego, and behind the DM's screen, one's ego can manifest in many different ways. It's not a monster to be slain, but more like a beast to be tamed.

Talk about this column here.

Spin the Cliché
This was my favorite DM Experience column yet.  It resonates so closely with my own thoughts on the subject that I almost could have written it myself (were I as good of a writer).

The way I see it, if you ever find youself saying something like, "It is my world", then you might have let your ego get the best of you.
I used to be pretty bad in the Grugnur department.  It was my world, dangit!  I've gotten better about that sort of thing, but I went too far in the other direction, too, being a little too unprepared most of the time.  Now I find myself trying to catch that fleeting balance between the extremes.

All around helpful simian

Call me silly. I was expecting something about legos as game props. With the LotR minifigs, they start to be almost practical (if a little over-sized).
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