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This will be my last card set this year, althought I do have lots of future plans when time allows. There are 32 cards, most of them are aircraft and all of those are meant as overlays for existing aircraft so they blend in with current nations. I was tempted to put an SA on the Italian ones to prevent them from working in allied fleets, but the truth is, historically speaking, they should be able to, but please don't let that stop you guys from simply house ruling those cards.

1. Commandant Test - This first card is simply a conversion from another card project over to a more traditional looking WAS card. Credit has been given on the bottom of the card for the stats. This was one of two models I purchased off of Shapeways for me and my friends, the very first models I've purchased to date, and they are most impressive.

2. French Halifax - These were operated by Free French pilots under UK command and then fully transfered to France after the war. It has a 1944 date and an SA preventing it from being Vichy.

3. GST Catalina - Russian roundelled PBY Catalina. I made this card before, but redid this as a cleaner looking version, plus I think it'll be easier to find now.

4. GST Black Cat - The name is more for identity than historical. I wanted to give Russia both Catalinas.

5. P-40 Tomahawk - Not that the Russians really need it now game wise, here's a stand-in for another historical lendlease fighter they had.

6. Avenger Mk. I - The UK can use USN aircraft on it's carriers anyways, but sometimes you just want the roundels to match.

7. Avenger Mk II

8. Catalina Mk. I

9. Catalina Mk II

10. Chesapeak Mk I

11. Corsair Mk I

12. Corsair Mk III - The Mk. II will be the basic carrier fighter

13.  Gannet Mk II - The Mk. I will be landbased. My play group does not recognize the silly Vital Armor errata. And the darned things still get shot down!

14. Liberator Mk I

15. Martlet Mk. IV

16. P-40 Kittyhawk

17. F4F-3 Wildcat - Here's one a bunch of you wanted...

18. SB2U Vendicator - Another cleaned up card from an earlier project...

19. Ju-88A-4 (Finland)

20. Bf109 (Finland)

21. C.202 Folgore (German)  - some of these were captured by Germany after Italy surrendered to the allies.

22. Z.506B Airone (German) - another captured aircraft

23. D.520 (German) - Some of these were seized by Germany. I had to put Land Fighter on it.

24. Graf Zeppelin - Errata updated this unit but I figured some of you would like a corrected card to match Aquila's Stuka Operations.

25. Ju-87 R2 Picchiatelli (German) - I know I wanted this one...

26. SM.79 (German) - Another captured peice of tech

27. Bf109 (Italy)

28. Ju-87B Stuka (Italy)

29. Ju 88A-4 (Italy)

30. A6M5 "Zeke" - A name correction was badly needed

31. Ise - got her missing torpedo defense!

32. Forward Airbase - The second miniature I bought off of shapeways. I wasn't anywhere near happy with other attempts at making a card for this unit, so I made my own! It's basically three dummy slots for aircraft that also allows them to come out every turn. Of course, there are no speciallists to back them up, but Land fighters, Lanbased units and Patrol Bombers can base here. Plus it's a historical way to provide Carrier-challenged nations with aircraft that can come out every turn. But remember, you'll have to defend it...
So very cool
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