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So I am looking to play a Druid in a 3.5 game, focused mainly on Melee Wildshaping and properly utilizing both of my Animal Companions. I have never played a Druid before, and am fairly new to D&D, however I've spent the last week or so researching Druids and Monsters so that I am not having to pull out a stack of books every time we level or start a fight. The only thing which I have left is which Feats to take for not only myself, but my Companions as well. Below is what I have so far.

Race: Human
Bonus Feat: Wild Cohort (Why I said plural on Companions)
1st level Feat: Companion Spellbond
3rd level Feat: ? (Retrain to Bestial Charge at 6th level)
6th level Feat: Natural Spell
9th Level Feat: Multiattack
12th Level Feat: Dragon Wild Shape 
15th Level Feat: Improved Natural Attack
18th Level Feat: ?

My companions will both be Fleshrakers, inevitably, not just because of the offensive capabilities but because we are running an evil campaign and giant raptors just seem like a great idea for that. The Wild Cohort is picking up the Warbeast Template, my DM said it was fine, to partially offset the negative of it being picked up at level 7 instead of 4. I have picked out the following feats as good ideas for Fleshrakers, but have no idea what order for them to be obtained.

Ability Focus: Poison
Virulent Poison
Improved Multiattack
Power Attack
Improved Bullrush
Shock Trooper

I am up to any possible advice, be it taking feats I have stated above at different levels, replacing them with different feats, or anything else. I am planning on running straight Druid through 20, if we make it that far, since Master of Many Forms will hit not only my Caster Level but hurts the progression of my Companions,  Planar Shepherd seems by far to OP for my wants, and the few other possible Prestige Classes I have found that could fit this just aren't my tastes.

I appreciate any and all advice that can be provided. Thank you in advance.
Druids are very cool to play though a little tough since they need reading but as I can see you have read!First of all as 1 level druid human you get one feat from character creation ,one feat extra from human and animal companion from class.According to official rulings www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/re/200... you can have them both if the DM allows it but why he shouldn't.Provided the DM gives her approval, at 1st level you can choose from a badger, camel, dire rat, dog, riding dog, eagle, hawk, horse (light or heavy), owl, pony, snake (Small or Medium viper), or wolf. You can't have 2 fleshrakers at the begining (level 4 minimum required) since total  HD of your companions can't exceed your level+1.I prefer having one strong companion than 2-3 lower HD.All monsters have feats equal 1+1 per 3HD.I think you have read a lot and I like your ideas but not make your choices now for all your levels since circumastances and story will require different things.
On a side note, try the older edition's forums, might find better help there.
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I second Tech-Priest's suggestion...the people on these sections of the forums tend towards staying current;  the links to the earlier forums are below.

community.wizards.com/go/forum/view/7588...  (for basic questions)community.wizards.com/go/forum/view/7588...  (for min/maxing)

I suggest that you only post it on one or the other forum, since the people there tend to keep an eye on both boards.  

I like frozen wildshape, (IIRC thats the name) from frostburn. Lets you turn into cryo-hydras and make tons of attacks as a standard action. 

Natural Bond can help offset some of the penalties for higher level companions for your druid. (probably, ask your DM)

I'd also look at some of the flight based feats, like fly by attack or hover. Might be nice while in dragon form. 

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