D&D meet Final Fight. Dec playtest.

The title is not a joke. My cousins begged me for a game and I coppied the plot from Final Fight.

The players were a Dexterity heavy monk and a split STR/DEX fighter.  Guy and Cody. Level 6. Backgrounds and specialities.

As I knew monsters had terrible accuracy, I took this as a chance to test out just tossing enemies at the PCs.



Orc with maul

Orc with greatsword

Hobgoblin in chainmail

Hobgoblin in chainmail and greatsword

Holly Wood
Drow with poisoned dagger

Bill Bull, and G Oriber

Two P  and J
Goblin Leader


I describe Damnd kidnapping the fighter's girlfriend and this slightly drives the players. I ask for a Str check to kick the barrels and the rogue rolls high breaking 2. The fighter rolls okay and breaks one

On the street, I sic Breds, Dugs, and Jakes. 2 of each. And they were slaughtered. The monk rarely missed but single punches don't KO them. It takes at least a two hits

As for the fighter, Deadly Strike overkills enough than the fighter has no problem spending 1 die on some other maneuver. He also ditched his shield and goes with the 2-handed backup weapon.

The next fight has Axl and Slash. The Axels give the Slash advantage and actually damage the heroes. But they are easier to one shot. Faster fight but the PCS take damage.

The next fight is Holly Wood who is whooped. Well first the gangster dropped darkness on the two and shot at them next turn as they opted to stay in the dark. The fighter emerged first to get Faerie fired from afar. Holly and "Cody" brawled, trading blows with Holly coming off on the bottom. Constant advantage on Holly's side was the only reason why he did any damage.

Str check to kick the door in down the stairs. The fighter did it this time.

Another Axl and Slash fight. The PCs wised up and prevented flanking. And those chumps fell like dominoes.  Without advantage, Axl and Slash suck.

Next is a fight with the orogs and goblins. Bill Bull and G Oriber had enough HP to get more than 3 turns of life. Not enough to get more than two hits. The goblins are useless. I hid potions in the barrels the monk threw because next is a...




Damnd charges in and rolls a 19 and gores the crap out of the fighter who makes the save. What a way to start the fight. After a short scrap, Damnd disengages and whistles. I send the other amount of the XP budget in. Sorry no Roxy or El Gado. With the large number of foe, Axl and Slash let Bred and Jake hit for a good amount.  Hollywood and the orogs do their own work. But Deadly Strike from two PCs is too much.

Damnd returns and gores the crap out of the monk who fails the save. But Deadly Strike is too much!

So it played like real Final Fight. The heroes never get hit unless you give the enemy a ton of chances to roll d20s.

Suggestions for Andore, Poison, El Gado, and Sodom appreciated.
or should I skip to the more interesting Industrial area with Rolento and fire traps.

Orzel, Halfelven son of Zel, Mystic Ranger, Bane to Dragons, Death to Undeath, Killer of Abyssals, King of the Wilds. Constitution Based Class for Next!

It's probably a coincidence, but I tend to go back to Final Fight whenever I need a campaign with lots of mindless violence that doesn't actually kill anyone.  The current game I'm running is more thematically inspired than a real match, but the party's evil counterpart is actually comprised of Holly Wood, Billy and Sid, and Edi E.  The eventual campaign boss will be Belger.

The metagame is not the game.

I love final fight. I love d&d. Fantastic post!
Lizard king for Andre? I'd say giant might be too obvious (and overpowering at their low level).
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Wow how interesting. how about a for GUY that was my favorite character in final fight

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