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We are looking for one or two more players for a 4th edition home campaign. This campaign is currently active and we are level 6 (characters that join the campaign will also begin at the current level) though mostly consisting of encounters up until this point. We have a healer and tank plus one other, but we need a character trained in thievery (must have) and a controller (if we take two).

We play on Sundays at 12pm EST. The session normally lasts for +/- 5 hours. Our group consists of players between 25 and 35 years of age if that is important to you, and the dm has several years of experience. We use Skype to speak with one another, and rpgtableonline.com as an online tabletop (formally used by wotc). The interface is extremely easy, and you can upload your characters from the ddi character builder!

If you're interested, please contact me at chopkins779@gmail.com.

Happy hunting,
Thank you for the inquiries. At this time, all slots have been filled. Good luck and happy gaming!
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