Lanch League Play - Gatecrash event sanctioning

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Hi all,

Does anyone know when I can no longer schedule "Lanch League Play  - Gatecrash" events?

LLP seems to be an undefined subject, for example I can alwayas sanction "Magic League" events, but I can no longer schedule LLP-RTR events. Is there a difference? Since it's supposed to be an unrated event, that means that I should have same-day scheduling available, or does it.

The WPN website is really hard to navigate, or maybe this info isn't publicly available?

Hopefully someone reads this and helps, thanks in advance.
You can schedule LLP-RTR (and LLP-Gatecrash) as just Magic League.  LLP-expansion_name is only available for during the window when pre-release events are available for sanctioning.  Signing up for LLP allows the stores to declare their intention to run LLP and receive the prize support.