Getting ready for Session I. What do you think of Hibari, my Human Wizard?

Human Wizard

Chaotic Good Human Wizard 1

AC 12               HP 9
Speed 30 ft.     Hit Dice 1d6

STR  11 ( 0 )
DEX  14 (+2)
CON 17 (+3)
INT   19 (+4)
WIS  11 ( 0 )
CHA  14 (+2)

Quarterstaff   +4; 1d8 + 2 bludgeoning

Knowledge (Arcana)
Knowledge (Nature) 
Sleight of Hand

Tradidtion: Battle Mage
0-Level Spells:
Burning Hands - 15ft cone; +7; 1d6 damage. 1/2 damage on a miss
Shocking Grasp - Touch; +7; 1d8+4 damage, and the target can't take an action the next turn
Mage Armor - AC increases to 14 for an hour (12+DEX bonus)
Detect Magic - Detect magic within 30ft. for 1 hour

1st-Level Spells:
Thunderwave +7; 2d6 damage, and push the target 15ft.  1/2 damage on a miss
Magic Missile - 100ft; 2d4+5 damage
Sleep - 100ft; roll 3d8 and add the total.  Put that many HP worth of enemies to sleep for 1 minute
Shield - Half cover for 10 minutes, immune to magic missile.

DC: 15 (both level 0 and level 1 spells get the same DC right?)

Signature Spell: Thunderwave
At-Will: Burning Hands, Shocking Grasp, and Mage armor

Background: Noted Performer (Modified from the options available)

Feat: Find Familiar

Hawk Familiar
Tiny Fey
AC 12   HP
Speed 5ft.; fly 30ft.

Equipement: Robes, Quarterstaff, Adventurer's kit, Spellbook, Dagger, Fine Clothes, Ink, Ink pen, 5 pieces of parchment, Jade ring

37gp, 2sp, 8cp

Notes:  I rolled my stats, came out with 16, 16, 13, 13, 10, 10.  Humans get +2 to one stat and +1 to the rest, and the +1 to INT from being a Wizard got me to a nice 19.  The DM okayed the numbers, so that is why they don't look like a standard array.

Did I miss anything here?
" Signature Spell: Thunderwave 
  At-Will: Burning Hands, Shocking Grasp, and Mage armor"

so assuming you take the 3 at-wills and the 1 signature spell,

what other 0 level and 1st level will you take ?

This is my biggest beef with the wizard class... Yes they know TONS of spells and have choice options at their disposal... but what good is that when they need to daily pre-learn the spells for their LIMITED number of slots !!! This is directed more to the two 1st level spells slots... Regardless of whether or not you take you reaccurring signature spell in one of the two spell slots, 50% of your DAILY allotment is gone !!!  Hope they change it up and give 3 or 4 spell slots per level....


also pretty sure your DC is 15 for 0 lvl spells and 16 for 1st level ... INT + level bonus (+1 @ 1st char level) + 10 + spell level

It looks like they calculate DC differently in DnD Next:

Saving Throw DCs:
"When a wizard spell that you cast or a wizard feature that you use calls for a saving throw, the save
DC equals 10 + your Intelligence modifier + your save DC bonus (as noted on the Wizard table)"

From that, it pretty clearly seems to say that it is not based on spell level. 

As for the spells, you only get your signature spell free.  At first level, you start with three 1st level spells and four 0 level spells.  I am pretty sure I got all I can get.
Munchkin stats
Munchkin?  My highest roll was a 16 ...
Your highest roll was a 16 and yet you have a 19 INT at level 1?  I don't understand.
Have you even looked at the playtest packet?

(You didn't even bother reading my original post did you?  See the 'Notes:' section)
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