Miniatures for an upscaled Reavers of Harkenwold

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I'm in process of completing Keep on the Shadowfell for my group. They face the BBEG the next time we get together, which means that I also have to have the next adventure ready. I decided to run them through an upscaled version of Reavers of Harkenwold to push them from 4th (from finishing H1) to 6th... and then on into Madness at Gardmore Abbey.

The advantage of Reavers is that it does come with all the necessary monster tokens to play it, which at some level is great. However, my guys have been rather spoiled by the miniatures that I used for Shadowfell. We are a bunch of older gamers (43ish), having pulled our D&D group from high school back together after 25 years. In that time, I've developed miniature painting as a personal hobby that I quite enjoy. As such, I'd like to paint up miniatures for Reavers.

So far, my plan is to make use of some Privateer Press miniatures. Perhaps using these guys as a base for the basic troops of the Iron Circle:

Their robes would be painted black, and I would put some surplus crossbows that I have on their backs. The Brigands are armed with scimitars and shields, while the rabble and the sentry minions are armed with maces. I guess I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to convert a small handful of these to scimitar-wielding brigands, or if I should just model some of these with shields, and those are the non-minion models.

For Nazin Redthorn, I'm thinking of this model:

I may do a head swap with a GW space marine sargeant to give him the bald/red stubble look.

I was thinking of these guys for the cutthroats:

Again, all them will be painted in appropriate Iron Circle regalia, with appropriate conversions to make them fit in a bit better.

I've decided to reskin the bullywug encounter with Daggerburg Goblins, as it fits better with what I'm trying to convey in the storyline. It also helps that I've used GW's Mordor Orcs as Hobgoblins already, so I don't need to do any repaints there.

So how is it looking so far? I will need to think of Tar Devils, Spine Devils, Iron Defenders(?), and a Iron Circle Enforcer, Mage and Dark Adept as well.  Does anybody have any suggestions?
Those are some good choices, but that's a lot of purchasing and painting ;) For Iron Defenders, pretty much any kind of metal dog would work. They are like steampunk robot dogs.

Tar devils would be any kind of fiendish looking humanoid. In my game we used WotC's Legion Devils. How easy those are to get I'm not sure.

I will see if I can think of any other suggestions. Good luck!
The Iron Defenders are proving harder to find. In some respects, Privateer Press' Cryx Bonejacks of various descriptions might work. I've not had much luck finding Steampunk Dogs on various miniatures searches. I'll have a bit more of a look.

For the Tar Devils, I was thinking of using Games Workshop Beastmen Ungors... they're nearly perfect for that look. Spined Devils might take a bit more of a search.
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