The War Mace.... God or Not?

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I am currently in the Dragonlance Campaign, i am a minotaur fighter of 3rd level that plans on becoming a Knight of Neraka, within the next few levels. I am weilding a War Mace currently. (Awesome Weapon.) Has anyone come upon a one handed weapon that trumps the War Mace in matters of damage? I am always about bigger and better damage, but i am a AC ****, so i won't lose my shield. 

War Mace (Exotic)
One Handed Weapon
Damage: 1d12
Critical: 20 x2
Weight: 10 LBS.
Range: Obviously Close Range!
None that I can think of.

BTW, I always loved the idea of the honor-bound minotaurs being members of the Dark Knights. It seems like a perfect fit.

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I mean when you are a monitaur that has the ability to sneak attack, i mean that can hurt.
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