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Goodbye 4 Now, Baloden (Terry Halderman)


I would swap out murder for dreadbore:: it's cheaper and doesn't have double black.

I'm not a big fan of hellhole flailer here for two reasons; 1)I just don't care for the card. 2)He shares the same slot as guttersnipe, who has priority. I would swap him out for the Rakdos Cackler.

I would also take out the 4 ultimate price for 2 mizzium mortars and 2 devil's play as you already have enough burn/removal and could use a sweeper and an huge burn to the face when the game is getting drawn out.

I would also take out the guildgates and add in 3 more Summits and another swamp.
I made a deck that was similar to this deck when I first saw guttersnipe, I put some blood artist and deathrite shamans in it and based was around casting cheap burn spells to kill all of the enemy creatures and kill them slowly through passive abilities... this type of deck is going to be substantially weak to control based decks, as they do not have creatures for you to kill, in that regard I would try to put in a lot of burn you can throw at their face on your sideboard for when you run into decks like that. deathrite shaman would be a great addition to this deck because he can take sorceries and instants in both graveyards and use them against the enemy; if you put him in I would also consider throwing in sources of green mana because then you can use his 3rd ability to take out creature with undying, reanimator targets, or just surviving the early game against a agro deck.

  I would suggest adding draw spells like sign in blood, faithless looting and wild guess, if you run out of steam in this type of deck your going to lose very very fast , you need to maintain a constant stream of cards; not to mention they are sorceries so they trigger guttersnipe.  I would also consider adding underworld connections, bloodgift demon or staff of nin they all have different uses, underworld connectionss will help you keep your momentium constantly but take up one of your lands for its use, Note: always put it on a basic land, that way if they destroy it you are not out a dual land. bloodgift demon is useful because hes a 5/4 body on a underworld connections type effect, he is slightly less reliable than the other 2 options because he is susceptible to creature removal; staff of nin is easily the best choice because the draw effect does not hurt you and it offers the ability to remove really small creatures and ping your enemy for 1 damage every turn, the only downside is that it costs 6 mana.

  some more kill spells and sweepers to consider are victim of night, tribute to hunger, tragic slip, rolling temblor, mutilate and blasphemous act; I find that victim of night is more of a sideboard option but that it is becoming more relivant as the zombie and vampire tribes become less relivant. Personally I would consider discarding the pillar of flames from the deck and replacing them with rolling temblor, temblor takes out the majority of zombies you would ever run into and you can flash it back from the graveyard, just seems easier to kill them all at once rather than take them out one at a time.

I would get rid of the disentombs, they arn't going to be that useful most likely, I would replace them with the mizzium mortars and devil's play that p0p31n3ss suggested; both of those spells are going to be very important for a deck like this, mizzium mortars can kill any early threat and provide a late game wipe if you need it and devil's play offers dirrect burn to use against the enemy or the ability to kill something really powerful, for a deck like this I would consider running 4 of each.

I would suggest geting 4 dragonskull summits and 4 blood crypts if you are able, they can offer mana fixing that is very important at some points in the game. I would also consider adding 1 stensia bloodhall to the deck, it allows you to hit your enemy when you have a prolonged game and you are running low on cards, its not ideal but it can be useful, plus the damage it deals can be redirected at planeswalkers.
I could say more but it feels like Ive said a lot already, sorry for the big wall of text. Note: I would check out some of the threads around the deck help section, the one that Niche made on BR control could offer some ideas on how to improve your deck.
If you include underworld connections you could also include Thunderous Wrath to take advantage of the fact that you can then draw on their turn, thus you can go through your deck at the same speed and be able to miracle it more often. If you run into long games you should probably add 2 stensias to give you something you can do at the end of your opponents turn when you have lots of mana open and nothing to do with it. You should also probably look at either devil's play or Rakdos's Return as x cost burn spells. Be careful of rolling temblor since it will kill all of your creatures except for an unleashed flailer, however if you include Blood Artist that could be exactly what you want. Killing Wave could also be a sweeper choice for you.
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No Bump in the Night? That's the only reason I ever considered R/B Guttersnipe. Seems like the deck as a whole should be more burn-oriented.

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guttersnipe + deathrite shaman + burn.  That's about what you want.  t-wrath is good here, but if you run more than 2 I would want some kind of draw spell, or wild guess or something.

I updated the first post with my most recent deck. This is how my deck looks now until I get the cards that you said I should put in their. Thanks for all of the advice!

Goodbye 4 Now, Baloden (Terry Halderman)


I really really like the guttersnipe + deathrite shaman combination.

It helps make your sorceries/instants useful even though guttersnipe might not be out yet.

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