Misthollow Griffen and Cackling Counterpart

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Here is my question reguarding Misthollow Griffen and Cackling counter part.  If I have a rest in peace in play, misthollow griffen, and a token produced by cackling counter part of misthollow griffen.  Then someone casts any spell to destroy all creatures.  They would both be exiled due to the rest in peace.  Could I in fact summon the token of misthollow griffen back to the battlefield?
the token ceases to exist before you get priority

furthermore a token that has left the battlefield can never go to another zone, so even if you somehow managed to cast it before SBA are checked the token could not go to the stack, much less to the battlefield
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A token which leaves the battlefield cannot return to the battlefield. It will cease to exist a moment after being placed in the exile zone.
thanks fellows
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