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I don't know if anyone else remembers this, but somewhere around 10-12 years ago there used to be a image displaying the different levels of FR novel canon on the FR page on the Wizards site. In the center of the image were the works of Ed Greenwood, R. A. Salvatore, and Elaine Cunningham. However, we have not seen any new works by her since 2005! I am here just hoping to garner some support for new FR novels by Elaine. Because I miss them.
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I hope Elaine does write for FR again. She's too good for WotC not to try and win her back.
Cheers Imruphel aka Scrivener of Doom
I would be happy to buy any FR novel written by Elaine.
Same! Give us Serpent's Daughter!
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I wholeheartedly support this!
Some of my favorite FR books were by Elaine (Evermeet, Song and Swords, Starlight and Shadows). I'd love to see her in action again! We miss you, Elaine!
I wholly support anything that will bring Elaine Cunnigham back. I love her writing and her FR and SW EU books were among my favorites in both settings. It's authors like her that kept me buying FR books after the cataclysmic horror that were the baldur's gate novelizations.
Honestly, I think Elaine should keep FAR away from the Realms unless two important things happen:

- reset to the end of 3.5E and eradicate any possibility of the "4E future" from happening.

- pay her really well to finish her most excellent Songs & Swords novel Reclamation.

Then contract her for a subsequent trilogy where heroes in Halruaa (perhaps a new group) utterly destroy the returned shades of "new Netheril" - permanently - with the climax having Shade fall to the ground in flames.  Sembian rebels can assist to restore the real Sembian government at the same time.

And somehow, along the way as a bonus gift, totally de-power Cyric and have him die utterly forgotten.  In fact, have Cyric bleed to death as a diseased, wounded mortal in some nameless rat-infested sewer, then stick his soul in the Wall of the Faithless to slowly dissolve into oblivion.

If those things can't or won't happen, Elaine should stay far away, writing excellent novels for other companies.
Thanks for the kind thoughts, folks.  Just a quick correction to Jorunhast's post:  The Halruaa trilogy was, in fact, finished.  The three books are The Magehound, The Floodgate, and The Wizardwar.  They were published several years back, and are currently available in ebook format. 

It's  my understanding that WotC will NOT be resetting the lineline or the ignoring any of the events in any of the editions, but rather moving forward in a manner that respects everything that's come before.  I think this is a good plan.  And I agree that D&D Next presents intriguing possibilities for Halruaa.  The land will never be what it was--large parts of it are currently underwater and even if the waters recede, Halruaa will have to be rebuilt. Whoever writes about Halruaa will have a wonderful opportunity to redefine this unique corner of Faerun from the ground up. 

Perhaps after the Sundering story is told, WotC will venture out of the Heartlands and explore niche areas such as Halruaa.  I certainly hope so.  It's a story well worth telling. 
Got carried away in my hopes for Halruaa, and wanting a return of that nation.

I meant Reclamation, as I read and thoroughly enjoyed the Halruaa trilogy.  (EDIT: Fixed my prior post to reflect that.)

I'd still love to see that final Arilyn-Danilo novel, regardless of what happened with 4E or whatever is planned in 5E. 
One more thing--just to be clear, my long absense from the Realms has been entirely my own doing.  Digging out from under an extended illness has taken a great deal of time and energy, and I was unable to finish several projects. WotC has no need to "win me back," since they never did anything to chase me away. The editors have been patient and accommodating, but you can only push a deadline back so many times before the Realms moves on.  

Right now the Realms fiction program is focused on the Sundering.  I support this effort wholeheartedly and hope it's a huge success.  As for what the future holds, who can say?
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