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I thought there would be a bunch of speculation about what's coming after Gruumsh in February, but I can't find anything on this forum or on BGG.  Is Gruumsh going to be the end of the line?  If not, any rumors about what would be next?  I would think that with normal lead times, if there was something coming out by April, it would already be available for pre-order.
I have done a ton of research on that subject.  I have posted every single relevent detail on these forums.  I don't understand why you cannot find it.  Oh... that is right.  I remember why you cannot find results on any of my extreamely meticulous research.  It is because there is zero information.  There are zero hints.   We have no idea if there will be any other new Dungeon Command editions.   And we certainly have no idea what those editions might be.  When the creators of this game talk about what will be released after Blood of Gruumsh, they simply say that they are not authorized to tell us anything about future faction packs.  

I would bet that Dungeon Command is profitable and more will be released soon and that the next one will fit into the pattern of the last five.  Themes have been:  mixed racial group of adventurers, band of drow, goblinoids, scary undead, and orcs.  Dragonborn, fey, kobalds, elves, humans, demons, angels, lizardfolk or abborrations all seem like likely possibilities. I don't know enough about forgotten realms to make a great guess.  Wide marketability is probably the key to how the creators choose future faction packs.

The only way that we are going to get more dungeon command faction packs is if the game is profitable.   If you want to see more faction packs, the only thing you can do to make that a reality is to buy more faction packs.  The four faction packs already out are all great.  To be painfully honest though, if the series is going to end with the Blood of Gruumsh, I will be sad that there will never be more than about 8 different types of wisdom cards (admittedly, I don't know how many wisdom cards will come in the last set).
You are very optimistic. I'm not. I've played both Dreamblade and World of Warcraft miniatures and we had local tournaments with attendance in the scale of dozens or even twenty+ people at times, and these were both games that were quite unprofitable. With this, we struggle to get four people some weeks.

IF this game continues on it will be solely because of the need to get minis in the hands of RPG players and because they've already pretty much tapped the well dry on the boardgame side of things (I myself have played a bunch with Castle Ravenloft but the other two games in the series I bought for the minis and didn't even have time to break them out with my playgroup yet). If we're not hearing anything it's because the numbers aren't great and they're thinking how to go forward with their minis strategy. They may decide to continue producing Dungeon Command sets because they're great for what a lot of RPGers wanted in the past (themed sets of minis where WYSIWYG, instead of random boosters). Or they may have a new idea they want to try out. But if they have any new sets they should already have been in production a while back (like at least half a year, probably a year) so it's really bad sign we don't hear anything about it.
I suppose I am just optomistic because of who I am.  My optomism is certainly not based on a wealth of data.  And I certainly don't have any experience analyzing the profitability of other boards games.  The only reason I have done so much research on this game is because I enjoy this product so much.  But I have noticed that few people buy this game besides me.  I have bought six copies (two for a friend) and four months ago I met someone else who bought three copies.  Otherwise, I haven't had any nonvirtual contact with anyone who has bought this product.
I hope for more miniatures but expect that there won't be anymore. I have been gaming for years and have learned to see "flags". Although I love this game I do not like WOTC track record with anything but MTG.
 While I am forced to admit that the current lack of information isn't promising, that doesn't mean we have to count the game out yet. Blood of Grummsh is still more than two months away. Following the same time line release means that any future faction packs wouldn't even see release until May.
 That's far enough out that there's still reason to be hopeful that the game will be successful enough to warrent a continuation of the series.  If Grummsh is released and we still have nothing about the next faction pack .... well then, that's probably going to be the end. I'll continue to be optomistic until then.
 In the meantime, get out and try to get your local hobby shops setting up tournaments!  
The thing is that Blood of Gruumsh basically provides the Order cards to have a 'complete' game, assuming a large enough number of WIS cards in the set. After that set every Ability will be well represented and have its own 'feel' very well defined (again, assuming WIS has enough cards, roughly Goblins or Undead level for the CHA cards). So my impression is they must have made that their 'minimal offering' and other mini sets are contingent on sales numbers.
 I dunno, Wisdom is pretty underrepresented. You've only got couple Creatures that use it currently, and an even fewer number of cards. Grummsh would have to be a major Wisdom set to really give us a "complete" game. 
 And if you're using the Order Card make up to define a complete set, you'd also need to to take into accounte the creatures that use them. Intelligence has a fair number of cards, but only high level Creatures that can use them. We need some low level Int. Creatures to help fill out the Intelligence set a little better.
 If Wizards of the Coast is going to go for a full set before letting us loose, they're really going to have to give us about 3-4 more faction boxes AFTER Blood of Grummsh.  

 I'm not saying that they won't cut us loose, just that if that's their line of reasoning then would need to give us more than the initial five faction sets we currently know about.  
Being positive: They could've announced the first five sets (up to BoG) early just to show early adopters that there would be more sets than just the first two releases. From now on they could announce new sets whenever, but probably around launch of the latest set (or shortly after).

Then again, this could be wishful thinking, but I'd like to think positive. This game has so much potential and options for future releases, I really hope they do more.

Of course, this has to work out for them don't hold back people, buy your faction boxes! And if enough of us do so, I'm sure we'll see more faction packs.
I only recently got my first three sets of the games (Lolth, Undeath, and Goblins) and I find the game astounding. Just within these three boxes is such an intriguing and deep game. Add in the option for Warband and Order Deck customization, and we could have Wizard's next MtG. The metagame for this could be so deep and create an extremely interesting tournament or sanctioned play environment. Removing the random aspect of the release (which many companies have been doing in ever expandable games) should hopefully help in it sales. Especially for those collecting miniatures for RPGs and such.

Now in regards into creating a successful, lasting game, I'm not sure how we can truly gauge it without sales numbers. I'd hope they were high. I think the reason Wizard's biggest licenses (Magic and D&D) are due to their history. D&D has been around for so long and pulled in so many players and fans that it will always sell. Until Wizards does something incredibly drastic to it (which 4th Edition almost seemed to some), its sales will not die. Magic also has an incredibly developed history and metagame, with a ton of options for game play and card variety. Regardless of whether the game play itself is of the highest quality or not, it continues to sell quite a bit. As we've seen quite a few times with Magic though, they've attempted to tag the license onto other products but they have relatively failed (with the odd exception of Duel of the Planeswalkers, which is just the card game itself watered down by removing the true depth of MtG). Luckily, this has not been the same with D&D. Their released board games are quite popular (my LGS group plays a couple of them often) and the material itself has inspired quite a bit of other fantasy material. And we all know hard core role players want good quality miniatures for their gaming. Hopefully Dungeon Command can fill that as well as provide a great game.
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There was 2 months between goblins and undeath and then 3 months between undeath and orcs. Assuming 3 to 4 months for the next release, we should see the next set scheduled for the end of May or the end of June. I checked the WotC schedule of releases and the only thing on the slate for that time is "Against the Slave Lords".

This is quite worrying, but then again WotC has always been slow to announce any products after Feb. I think they wait to see what the Christmas sales are like before they green light any more projects.

My guess is that the next set is designed and ready to go to the manufacturers but they're holding back until they see their 2012 Q4 sales numbers.

I expect an announcement in late January, one way or the other.

EDIT: I just did some more digging and noticed that the official WotC products page is missing a number of upcoming products that have already been leaked (ex. reprints of D&D 2e core books). The fact that these major items are not on the official product catalogue means that we should not take that listing as gospel and more items will be added to it in time.

While this doesn't guarantee a new DC product, it means that the lack of one on the schedule is not a certain death knell. 

Agreed, there's only one product on my WOTC preorder list after Blood and that's the Gatecrash Event Decks which are locked in to the tournament schedule.  It'd be nice to hear just because we've gotten used to knowing a bit more in advance, but given it's likely to be an April or May release, this isn't that unusual.
FWIW, the first 4 sets of Star Wars Miniatures were released over the course of a year, and then we had to wait 9 months between the 4th and the 5th sets.  The reason was because WotC had first approved the initial run of 4 sets and then had to reassess.  At the time of assessment, they were happy with the game's performance and sales, and so they then continued producing more sets over the course of the next several years.  That 9-month gap existed because it takes a good deal of time to produce a new set (design, playtesting, production, packaging, shipment).  Following that 5th set, the new releases continued at a regular pace of one set every 4-5 months or so for the next several years.

And so, here's what could be a valid hypothesis, applying the same logic to Dungeon Command:
--When people were buying Heroes of Cormyr and Sting of Lolth in July, the Blood of Gruumsh set was already in development.  (pretty solid so far I think)
--And then, when WotC saw the BoG results last month it decided to continue production and is (hopefully!) currently in the midst of a X-month-long production cycle (9 months again? I dunno).  If so, the earliest we'll see the next set is in the Fall...but we will see it.

Possible?  Perhaps.  I do know that it has happened before, exactly like that, with SWM.  

It would be REALLY nice, though, to hear from a WotC representative, either confirming or denying the decision to continue DC production....  Wink
Just speculating but I think the holdup is due to the "re-imagining" of the creatures in D&D right now - in line with what's happening for D&D Next. Those polls on creature looks you answered? Expect the ones with the clear results to be developed first. I mean, just look at the Owlbear and Orcs in BoG. They look much better than the old ones... more brutish and menacing. My guess is that more of the iconic Forgotten Realms stuff is being considered/designed as of right now. 

Anyone know FR well enough to give a few possiblities?

The next DC set might be tied to the sundering or the reimaging of FR iconic monsters. My guess is on an aberrant or immortal faction that uses affinity or focuses on the ”Any” stat keyword.
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