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Can you guys help me perfect this deck


.7 Island

.7 Forest

.6 Plains

.3 Spirit away

.4 negate

.3 Switcheroo

.4 esscence scatter

.2 Redirect

.4 Vitu-Ghazi guildmage

.4 Wayfaring temple

.2 growing ranks

.2 Slimemolding

.4 selesnya charm

.4 parallel lives

.Garruck primal hunter

.Ajani caller of the pride

.2 trostani selesnya’s voice

you want the deck help section, also you can link your cards so a picture shows up up when you put your cursor over the word, just type (c)Card Name(/c) |NOTE: replace the ( ) with [ ] |and it will show up like this augur of bolas; it makes it a lot easier to review decks and makes it more likely people will look at the deck.
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