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So in my homebrew campaign, I've just finished the introductory few encounters, and the players have just found magical orbs that disappeared and marked them on their palms with this symbol: 
Its the symbol for planeswalkers in the Magic: The Gathering setting.

Each PC, entirely by accident, chose a build that perfectly aligns with a mana color. I plan on having the tattoos give them daily immediate interrupt powers that allign with their mana color and playstyle. But I need some ideas. I dont want the powers to be overpowered, but i want them to be generally useful.

The PCs and their mana alignments are:

A Vampire: Black
A Battlemind: Blue
A Storm Sorcerer: Red
A Druid: Green
A Runepriest: White

Anyone have any ideas?
A Vampire: Black - Lifeleech - Immediate reaction after you hit with an attack. You deal XdY damage and regain that much as HP. (pick some value for X and Y you think is approperiate)

A Battlemind: Blue - Counterspell - Immediate Reaction - Use immediatley after an enemy uses a spell or ability. That ability is canceled unless they opponent passes a saving throw. 

A Storm Sorcerer: Red - Haste - Immediate Interrupt - Target player gets +X (large) to their initiative score this encounter. This ability can be used after you see the results of their checks.

A Druid: Green - Animal Growth - Minor Action, Touch - Target creature touched doubles in size. This gives them +Xstr, +Y Con and -Z AC. This lasts for the duration of the encounter.

A Runepriest: White - Circle of Protection - Minor Action - Choose a damage type. All allies within 30ft of you gain resist X against attacks with that keyword. 

Off the top of my head. Was also considering giving red a lightning bolt effect, but figured they probably have a lot of "blasty" abilities. Also considered giving the runepriest healing, but ditched it for the same reason. 

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Thanks man! So far, my ideas have been pretty much along the same lines.

So far what I have is:

Black: When you hit with an attack, deal 5 more damage to the target and regain 5 hitpoints.

Blue: All defenses gain a +5 bonus until the end of your next turn.
(I also thought of the counterspell idea. I really liked it originally. However a battlemind is a defender, and may not have as much use for such an ability. Another facet of blue is illusion magic. So the idea behind this is that the enemy thinks he has hit him, until the illusion disipates and it turns out he was a just a bit to the side.)

 Red: When you hit with an attack, add a bonus to your damage equal to 5 + 1/2 Level.
(I dont like this for various resons. Hes already a blaster, so adding in slightly more damage every day to one attack doesnt do a lot. It doesnt feel special. I like your idea a lot better.)

Green: Regain an encounter power. / When you hit with an attack, target is immobilized. (Save ends.) 
(The first power was inspired by the idea of "Mana Ramp", a classic aspect of green decks, however, to me it seems too powerful, since I know that these types of powers dont start showing up until late paragon tier. On the other hand, as a controller, maybe it wouldnt be too bad? The second power I like better, since it draws on Green focus on nature as well as a druids focus on single-target movement control.)

 White: When you use your Rune of Mending, all allies regain 5 health.

So far im fine with white and black, and i like the second power better than the first power on green, but i have no idea what to do about red and blue.
This should be in the homebrew forum.

Also, I recomend making them "free action" activations, and not immediate actions. Otherwise they might not be able to use them if they have other immediate action abilities that are favorable.

For Red, I'd take inspiration from the (current) Izzet League, considering the character is a Sorcerer. Overload might a good starting place. Spend hit points to deal extra damage. Lose many hit points to use the same power against a second target. Or, because Red likes destroying Artifacts and Lands, give a power that can remove/dispel persistent zones/effects (in 4e parlance, cancel the effect of a power with "Sustain (Action)" and/or ongoing damage).

Counterspell is iconic for Blue. A power could grant a saving throw, maybe at bonus, to oneself or an ally within X squares. Always useful, at all levels, and it makes the Battlemind at tad more resilient.

Not too sure for Green. Giant Growth seems obvious, but might be OP depending on how you make the power. Maybe grow one size, increase reach by one, get extra damage and damage resistance for a round, or any combination thereof. If the other powers are Encounter Powers, make it a Daily.

Lifelink makes a whole lot of sense for the Vampire. Nothing to add here. Well, maybe something like Deathtouch; look at the Executioner's Death Attack ability for an idea as to how it might work.

White looks good too. I might suggest, instead of healing, maybe granting +1/2/3 to attack rolls to all allies who can see you for a round, like how White will buff up allies. And if I'm not mistaken, buffing up is something the Runepriest does well, too.

Except for Green, these make for good Encounter Powers, even if they might be pretty strong at first. In fact, now that I look at them, these suggestions can have their power scale with level, so you can start with smaller bonuses and work up from there.

I really like the idea of using overload for red. I hadnt thought of that. Maybe I could have him spend a healing surge to deal the surges value in  damage to another target within five squares after the first one hits.

Maybe its my need for symetry, but I feel like I want all the powers to be dailys, or all the powers to be encounters that cost a healing surge. Maybe I  just have to get over it? 

Meh, it's up to you, really. It's just I have a hard time imagining something that is iconic of Green and isn't about making somebody a huge beast, hence my thought making it Daily.

Come to think of it, if you're unsure, I don't think it would hurt if you asked your players' opinion on the matter, especially if they're M:tG fans as well. And, if you get your players together to homebrew these powers, your players might not end up with one of them having a power that's overpowered compared to another, because they'll have workshopped them together. There's also a possible added benefit of them getting more attached and excited about their power, because they took part in its creation.

You already have a good starting point, with some cool suggestions from here. If you ask me, go all the way and ask your players. Again, these are mere suggestions, so use your judgement to see if it works out for you and your group.

I have to say, your thread stirred up a storm of ideas for a potential campaign I'd like to run. I still don't get why they won't make a M:tG crossover or setting, though, even if it's only a one-shot.

Also, I recomend making them "free action" activations, and not immediate actions. Otherwise they might not be able to use them if they have other immediate action abilities that are favorable.

Additionally, you can't use immediate actions during your turn. From the ideas being tossed around, I agree that these sound like free or minor actions.

I don't know much about MtG, but if Growth can apply to plants, you can just make it an area burst of vines or something that either make a zone of difficult terrain or slow. That would be fine as an encounter power and fits the controller role well. You can pretty much just cut'n'paste Nature's Growth from the Protector druid in Heroes of the Feywild (assuming your druid isn't already a Protector).

I have to say, your thread stirred up a storm of ideas for a potential campaign I'd like to run. I still don't get why they won't make a M:tG crossover or setting, though, even if it's only a one-shot.

Me and my players have been thinking much the same thing. We decided that we'd give it a shot after our last campaign finished off. They'll be headed to Innistrad soon. A world with a fun theme like that seemed a natural place to start.
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