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When using the Thuranni Shadow Killer paragon path's power Spectral Garrote, is the target able to escape? If so, what roll does the target make, and against what? Also, does the at-will attack granted by Spectral Garrote redirect the enemy's attack at the grabbed creature, or does it simply make it include the creature as well?

Spectral Garrote:

Spectral Garrote - Thuranni Shadow Killer Attack 20<br /><br />A translucent garrote forms between your hands as you snare a foe to use as your shield.<br /><br />Daily - Reliable, Weapon<br />Standard Action - Melee 1<br /><br />Target: One creature granting combat advantage to you<br /><br />Attack: Dexterity vs. Reflex<br /><br />Hit: 3d8 + Dexterity modifier damage, and you grab the target. Until the grab ends, you have cover and can use the Spectral Garrot attack action.<br /><br />Sustain Minor: You sustain the grab, and the target takes 2d8 + Dexterity modifier damage.<br /><br />---<br /><br />Spectral Garrote Attack - Thuranni Shadow Killer Attack 20<br /><br />At-Will - Reliable<br />Immediate Interrupt - Personal<br /><br />Requirement: The Spectral Garrote power must be active to use this power.<br /><br />Trigger: An enemy makes a melee or ranged attack roll against you that targets AC or Reflex<br /><br />Effect: The triggering attack targets the creature grabbed by you.
Yes, it is able to escape, and it makes the same check you would use to escape any grab.
To wit, Acrobatics check vs Ref, or Athletics check vs Fort.
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