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Basically I try to build most of my decks for under $30, some of them wind up pretty okay, others not so much.  I'm wondering what people think of this one.
Most of the things in my meta (that I've heard of, this is my first serious standard attempt since mirrodin rotated) are U/W/*.

Creatures 23
[C]Slumbering Dragon[/C] x4
[C]Arbor Elf[/C] x4
[C]Deadbridge Goliath[/C] x3
[C]Elvish Visionary[/C] x3
[C]Elvish Archdruid[/C] x4
[C]Slitherhead[/C] x3
[C]Chaos Imps[/C] x2   

Spells 13
[C]Increasing Savagery[/C] x4
[C]Searing Spear[/C] x2
[C]Blessings of Nature[/C] x3
[C]Brimstone Volley[/C] x2
[C]Faithless Looting[/C] x2

Enchantments 2
[C]Rancor[/C] x2

Land 22
[C]Rootbound Crag[/C] x4
Mountain x9
Forest x9

Generally the earliest I can get the dragon to attack is turn 3 with possible wins on turn 4.  The slitherheads are great because they help start a new dragon after a board wipe, same with the goliath (should it be really late game).

I'm looking for some suggestions on how to make it a bit better, or if you see any problems with it, or questions.
since this deck is working even better than I expected, I figured I'd bump it.  Most wins are by turn 4 against non control decks, and control decks usually fall later on due to the amount of stuff that can come out of the graveyard.

One of my better budget decks. 

How has the slumbering dragon been working for you? Can you reliably get the 5+ counters on it if you're playing control?

Maybe Charmbreaker Devils is worth a shot. It would help you repeat some counter spells but maybe it's just overkill at that point. The flying trample from the imps is really nice though so maybe not worth it.

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