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what happens when an indestructable creature bloks an other bigger creature ?
Not much.

An indestructable creature can not be destroyed, blocking a creature will deal damage which normally causes destruction.

If the attacking creature had infect/wither, that could get rid of the indestructable though.
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how about a spell witch gives -2/-2 to stats ? if the indestructble creatures toughnes reaches to 0 with this kinda spel does it die?
If an indestructible creature has its toughness reduced to ≤0, it will die. So [C]Tragic Slip[/C]ing his [C]darksteel myr[/C] will kill it, just like if the darksteel were blocking something with wither/infect.

Also, if the bigger creature has trample, it only needs to assign damage equal to your indestructable creatures thoughness, the rest goes through. 
If an indestructible creature reaches 0 or less toughness, it will be put into the graveyard. It is not "destroyed", so indestructibility can't save it. 
Magic defines Destruction as effects that specifically mention Destroy, Lethal Damage and damage from a source with Deathtouch.  If anything other than those 3 things would cause a creature to be moved to the graveyard, Indestructable will not interfere. 

Most common ways to kill an indestructable creature is by reducing it's toughness or by forcing it's controller to sacrifice it in some manner, but there are other options.
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